VACCINE REBELLION: Growing number of US states are refusing to go along with Biden’s covid vaccine fascism

“King” Biden blames “unvaccinated” Americans for COVID vaccine mandate as red states line up around the block to sue

FEAR-BASED pandemic goal: Create “novel” viruses, then reduce world’s population by several billion by scaring everyone into taking deadly vaccines

The Resistance Chicks: Safeties are off, enemies are playing for keeps – Brighteon.TV

Doctors and parents sue HHS to block approval of coronavirus vaccines for teens

Mountain, houses and tunnel entrance collapse due to prolonged heavy rains in Shaanxi, China

Huge tornado hits northern China

Great Britain predicted the fate of Atlantis

Mainstream media suddenly realizing that Donald Trump was right all along about coronavirus origins

Engineered mainstream consensus regarding coronavirus origins COLLAPSES

UFOs Interfering With Nuclear Weapons

Dinosaurs And Advanced Technology Engraved On Ancient Mysterious Stones

The Earth Signals Change: A Mysterious Leap In Schumann Resonances

Enormous Underground City Where Perplexing Dwellers Lived Permanently

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