So when you DIE from the Covid-19 vaccine you got because they gave away free pot and cannabis in trade for it, will the CDC blame the weed?

Fauci emails reveal: The “natural origin theory” was coordinated propaganda, crafted by the very scientists who engineered the virus

Biden regime caught bribing hospital staff to supply positive reviews for covid vaccines

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An ultra-fast UFO flew past a C-130 in the skies over the U.S.

Clinton Whistleblower Who Broke Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story Found Dead in Apparent ‘Suicide’

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1976 Canary Island UFO Sighting: Sphere Encounter With Alien Beings

Why Direct Contact With Extraterrestrial Beings Could Be An Epic Fail

Healthy people are locked down and blamed for lab-generated deaths to rollout tyrannical Vaccine Passports worldwide

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