Wisconsin’s Election Integrity Investigator Seeks to Jail Two Democrat Mayors If They Continue to Avoid Official Interview – Threatens to Subpoena Zuckerberg Operative

Wisconsin’s Election Integrity Investigator Seeks to Jail Two Democrat Mayors If They Continue to Avoid Official Interview

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Hon. Michael Gableman testified Wednesday in front of the Wisconsin Committee on Campaign and Elections.

The former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice has been investigating the 2020 election in the state of Wisconsin.

Gableman told the committee, “It’s very clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s Goal Was to Defeat Donald Trump and Elect Joe Biden.”

Zuckerberg, a committed leftist, went into five Wisconsin cities and spent $8.8 million dollars and gave it to the Democrat Mayors of those cities. Then switched it mid-stream from a COVID safety plan to a get out the vote campaign. Gableman said Zuckerberg’s actions, “Looks an awful lot like David Plouffe’s roadmap to defeating Donald Trump.”

Gableman threatened to subpoena former Facebook employee Michael Spitzer Rubenstein to testify.

Gableman also threatened to jail two Wisconsin Democratic Mayors if they continue to avoid his interview.

Yahoo reported:

An attorney for Assembly Republicans is seeking to jail the mayors of Madison and Green Bay if they don’t sit for depositions soon — even though the two say he never gave them a final date for when they were supposed to meet with him.

A lawyer for Green Bay’s mayor fired back Thursday, saying he planned to pursue legal sanctions against Michael Gableman, the former state Supreme Court justice who is overseeing the Republican review of the election.

Gableman this week sought court orders requiring Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich to answer his questions or be jailed if they decline to do so.

In his filings, he contended the pair had defied his request that they meet with him in November. The two have disputed they were required to meet with him then.

Jeffrey Mandell, a lawyer for Green Bay, sent a letter to Waukesha County Circuit Judge Ralph Ramirez saying Gableman’s legal work was so shoddy that he would seek legal sanctions against Gableman.

Mandell argued Gableman had filed the wrong kind of lawsuit in the wrong court. The type of case Gableman brought should only be used when private individuals have disputes over money, Mandell contended.

There was a formal complaint filed against the Green Bay Mayor in November after he turned over the 2020 elections to the Zuckerberg operatives.

If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.

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