Widespread flooding destroys more than 1,400 homes, killing 15 people and leaving 9 missing in the Republic of Congo

Since the beginning of the rainy season in September, heavy rains have fallen over much of the Republic of Congo (also called Congo Brazzaville), resulting in overflowing rivers and flooding that has caused loss of life and widespread destruction.

The departments of Likouala, Sanga, Cuvée and Plateau in the central northern part of the country, as well as Kouilou and the capital Brazzaville in the south, were most affected.1

Fifteen people have been killed, nine are missing, more than 6,550 people have been displaced, and the total number of people affected in the aforementioned departments, as of December 16, is more than 46,650.

Data collected by 12 December from the Government and the Congolese Red Cross indicates that 311 houses were damaged and 1,410 destroyed in the Departments of Cuvée and Plateaux alone.

In addition, equipment and people were reported missing in all localities.2

Fifteen villages were flooded in the Picunda area in the Sanga department.

Oyo County, in the departments of Tchikapika and Loboco, bordering the major rivers Alima and Cuyu, respectively, were most affected.

According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the affected population is exposed to bad weather, poor hygiene and waterborne diseases due to lack of clean water.

Severe floods have destroyed fields and livestock, dramatically reducing livelihoods, the organization adds.

The government declared a state of emergency on November 29.

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