WaPo admits Omicron strain is really just the common cold, shares genetic material with corona cold viruses

WaPo admits Omicron strain is really just the common cold, shares genetic material with corona cold viruses

(Planet Today) Is the so-called “Omicron” (Moronic in anagram form) variant really just the common cold under a different name? It appears that way.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

The Washington Post, a fake news rag run by former Amazon head Jeff Bezos, admitted to such in a roundabout way, claiming that it “picked up genetic material” from coronaviruses that have been around and in circulation since the beginning of time.

Instead of the scary “mutation” that the corporate media is making it out to be, Moronic could just be the seasonal sniffles, seeing as how we here in the Northern Hemisphere are about to enter the winter season.

It took a research study, hilariously, to determine that Moronic is pretty much the same thing many people get every year when the sun’s angle tilts further towards the horizon, limiting access to natural vitamin D.

“Researchers from Nference, a Cambridge, Mass.-based firm that analyzes biomedical information, sequenced omicron and found a snippet of genetic code that is also present in a virus that can bring about a cold,” reported WaPo.

“They say this particular mutation could have occurred in a host simultaneously infected by SARS-CoV-2, also known as the novel coronavirus, and the HCoV-229E coronavirus, which can cause the common cold.”

Research admits omicron has “striking” similarity to common cold

Venky Soundararajan, a biological engineer who co-wrote the study (which is still in pre-print and has not been published), stated on the record that Moronic has a “striking” similarity to HCoV-229E, also known as the common cold.

Rather than attribute it to such, Soundararajan instead characterized moronic as something new that became “more accustomed to human hosts” as a result of exposure to the common cold coronavirus.

“By virtue of omicron adopting this insertion … it is essentially taking a leaf out of the seasonal coronaviruses’ page,” Soundararajan said. “[This explains] how it lives and transmits more efficiently with human beings.”

Soundararajan went on to suggest that covid and the common cold “exchange” genetic material, creating mutations that are similar to everything people have been getting sick with seasonally since the dawn of time.

In other words, there is nothing new here, just the same old cold and flu phenomenon that happens every single year. And yet the corporate media is playing it up like there is some new circulating plandemic that requires even more injections in order to beat.

Fake government “doctor” Tony Fauci, for instance, is back on television claiming that there is a new problem here that requires more masking, more social distancing, more jabbing.

Fake “president” Joe Biden has also been rambling and mumbling about Moronic, claiming that, “Look what’s happened … We’re starting to make some real progress and you find out there’s another strain.”

As we reported, the only people who have “caught” (developed) Moronic thus far are the “fully vaccinated.” This suggests that something in those mysterious syringes is causing those who took them to become ill with another new disease.

“How is any of this possible when the PCR test gives 97 percent false positives?” asked one commenter at Natural News.

“A week after moronic and suddenly a tweaked vax is here?” asked another. “How can PCR pick up some unknown mutation? And how does the vaccine push the virus to a super strain if the moronic one only has mild symptoms?”

Another pointed out that Moronic is more than likely a manufactured fiction that is just another attempt by the system at covering up widespread injection damage.

“The vax IS the variant,” this same person wrote.

The latest news about the Chinese Virus can be found at Pandemic.news.

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