Vaccines are now EXTERMINATING oblivious Democrats while illegal immigrants are PROTECTED from vaccines so they can replace dead Democrats

Vaccines are now EXTERMINATING oblivious Democrats while illegal immigrants are PROTECTED from vaccines so they can replace dead Democrats

(Planet Today) Joe Biden’s promised, “winter of severe illness and death” isn’t merely a threat, it’s a roadmap to the mass murder of obedient, oblivious Democrats who believed authorities and took the spike protein injections that are mislabeled “vaccines.” Now, as winter accelerates and vitamin D deficiencies take hold, those obedient Democrats are going to be dying in unprecedented numbers. The CDC warns that 15,600 Americans will be dying each week by Christmas. We put that number at 25,000 Americans each week by the end of February. (See analysis here.)

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Importantly, illegal immigrants are granted “protected” status when it comes to vaccines, since the vaccine manufacturers are afraid they’ll be sued by non-American, undocumented illegals who are injured and killed by the vaccines. As LifeSiteNews reports:

Reuters reviewed internal documents from the charity operating the global vaccine program, Gavi, showing that about 167 million people could be excluded from national vaccine programs.

Non-governmental organizations participating in the program run by Gavi – called COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, or COVAX – say they can’t bear the legal risks of administering the vaccines to migrants.

The cover story for skipping vaccine injections for illegal immigrants is that vaccine injuries would be “hard to track,” but the real story is that globalists want to protect the fertility of the illegal immigrants so that they can replace the dead Democrats who took the jab.

One of the defining characteristics of Democrats is that they tend to be oblivious in their worship of false authority. They exhibit cult-like adherence to absurd demands, including turning over their children to experimental genetic engineering injections known as mRNA “vaccines.” Thus, Democrats are largely clueless to the reality that they are being exterminated and replaced.

As we covered in a previous article, the states with the highest vaccine compliance (per capita) are mostly blue states dominated by Democrats: (Source:

The highest vaccine death rates, of course, will take place in blue cities and states. As deaths accelerate, it won’t take long for these areas to face severe emergencies in lack of personnel and collapsing infrastructure.

Even worse, most blue cities across America demanded a 100% vaccine compliance rate among city workers. This demand was widely extended to police, fire and emergency responders. But it also includes road construction crews, administrative staff, accountants and so on. The net result is that vaccine die-offs will destroy the ability of these cities to function, eventually leading to absolute chaos as the people with the knowledge and experience of how to keep the bureaucracy running succumb to the spike protein injections via “boosters.”

Vaccine deaths will soon make up the majority of daily deaths in America

On any given (normal) day, around 7,500 people die in America. Those are pre-covid numbers. Before long, we’re going to see vaccine-induced deaths exceed this number, meaning vaccine deaths would blow beyond 52,500 deaths per week. That may not happen this winter, but it is inevitable, as we’ve already seen that vaccines double all-cause mortality. In other words, once you take a vaccine, your chances of dying double.

Brian Shilhavy writes in Health Impact News that health authorities are preparing to mass murder millions of people under the cover of “covid.”

The masses in the public currently supporting Pfizer and Moderna by being obedient slaves and doing exactly what they are told to do…

They have almost completed their take over of the U.S. hospital system by firing all the sane and ethical staff that refused the bioweapon shots, and implemented COVID protocols that are actually designed to bring in great profits while reducing the population of those sick with weakened immune systems.

That article references large-scale purchases of a drug called midazolam, which is used, among other things, in lethal injections.

It is now believed that this drug was used to euthanize thousands of elderly patients last year in order to create covid death statistics and push mass hysteria. Now, as The Expose (UK) reports:

The UK is about to experience a huge wave of deaths among the elderly and most vulnerable population in scenes that will resemble those of April 2020. The public will be told that Covid-19 is to blame, but the truth is that the recipe for disaster that has been cooked up by the UK Government and its circle of scientific advisors will be solely responsible.

A recipe that has included mandating vaccines for carers, dedicating the energy of the entire NHS to administering “booster” jabs to the nation, and the mass purchase of a drug known as midazolam yet again.

We’re told that serious illness in Covid-19 presents pneumonia and accompanying respiratory insufficiency. Therefore typical symptoms include breathlessness, cough, weakness and fever. We’re also told that people who suffer deteriorating respiratory failure and who do not receive intensive care, develop acute respiratory distress syndrome with severe breathlessness.

Midazolam induces significant depression of respiration, and UK regulators insist midazolam should only be administered in a hospital or doctor’s office under the supervision of a doctor or nurse to monitor the breathing of the patient in order to provide life saving treatment to the patient if breathing slows or stops. The drug should also be used with extreme caution in elderly patients.

Knowing that, would you use Midazolam to “treat” people suffering pneumonia and respiratory insufficiency allegedly due to Covid-19?

These deaths, as you might expect, will be attributed to covid itself (rather than the vaccine). But the vaccines don’t work to stop covid, as evidenced by the fact that in just the last several days, “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker have all announced they’re infected with covid even though they are fully vaccinated.

The key metric to watch is “excess deaths.”

Excess deaths show the vaccine slaughter has only just begun

A website called shows charts of excess deaths. That site reveals that both 2020 and 2021 had experienced significant excess deaths.

In 2020, the excess deaths were achieved by the deliberate killing of hospital patients with ventilators and remdesivir, along with denying them treatment with ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. These death numbers were inflicted as “hospital homicide” in order to drive the pandemic hysteria and create demand for vaccines.

In 2021, the excess deaths are mostly due to the vaccine themselves, which are killing people at an accelerating rate. From

United States reported 3,440,941 deaths of all ages for the year 2020. Expected deaths were 3,029,015. That is an increase of 411,926 deaths (+13.6%).

To date, for the year 2021, United States reported 3,155,827 deaths of all ages. Expected deaths thus far, were 2,734,661. That is an increase of 421,166 deaths (+15.4%).

For this chart, the green line is excess deaths in 2020, and the blue line is excess deaths in 2021:

What’s especially instructive is looking at Vermont, the state with the highest vaccination compliance in America. Here’s a chart showing excess deaths for 2021. Note the sharp uptick as the winter months are kicking in:

In Vermont, deaths are up 11% over the expected number. At some point, that number will reach 100% (a doubling).

In California, deaths are up 17.8% so far in 2021, with an extra 46,190 deaths. Similar numbers are reflected across many other states, both red and blue states.

What has changed in the environment that could account for all these excess deaths? Why are life insurance companies seeing major red flags with policy payouts due to the rising number of people who “suddenly died?”

The answer is obvious: Covid vaccines and deliberate hospital homicide. America has been transformed into a medical death camp, and people are being slaughtered with lethal injections that are mislabeled “vaccines.”

The ethnic cleansing genocide of America

In effect, you are watching the ethnic cleansing of America — a deliberate extermination agenda targeting American citizens. As they die, they will be replaced by immigrants from socialist, third world nations who will become the reliable “democracy puppets” of the ruling elite.

While vaccines and hospital homicide will eliminate many Democrats, globalists face a real conundrum in conservatives and patriots who are refusing the vaccine. That’s why they’re now calling for military martial law before the mid-term elections and the rounding up of patriots who are already being deemed “insurrectionists.” This was aggressively pushed by the deep state-controlled media over this last weekend. As reports:

Woke Military Generals Say We ‘Must Prepare Now’ For 2024 Insurrection…

The three Ex-Generals are Former Army Major General Paul Eaton, former Brigadier General Steven Anderson and former Army Major General Antonio Taguba. The generals recommended that all January 6th leaders, including President Trump, be prosecuted for their supposed ‘crimes’ in plotting the unrest.

If you follow the media’s propaganda on this, they are essentially calling for anyone who disagrees with Democrats to be labeled a terrorist, arrested and prosecuted. They need to shut down conservatives, Christians and patriots before the 2022 mid-term elections because Democrats know they will be politically slaughtered in the mid-terms if the elections are allowed to be held.

Remember: These Democrats in power are more than happy to murder their own left-wing supporters and replace them with illegal immigrants. Do you think they won’t also try to murder their opposition?

We are now living in the most dangerous time since the Civil War. And we may be facing Civil War 2.0 before this is all finished.

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