UK woman seeking damages after being left half-paralyzed following AstraZeneca COVID shot

UK woman seeking damages after being left half-paralyzed following AstraZeneca COVID shot

A 49-year-old mother suffered a blot clot on her brain one week after receiving her first dose of AstraZeneca’s COVID shot in April.

ROTHERHAM, England ( – A woman in England is seeking compensation after becoming paralyzed following reception of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 jab.

Kerry Hurt, a 49-year-old mother from Rotherham, England, suffered a blot clot on her brain one week after receiving her first dose of AstraZeneca’s abortion-tainted COVID shot in April.

In a BBC report, Hurt explained experiencing headaches within the first week of receiving the jab, at which point the blood clot was discovered by staff at Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. Doctors proceeded to perform life-saving surgery on Hurt, removing part of her skull to treat the affected area of her brain.

Following the surgery, Hurt suffered a devastating stroke, leaving her paralyzed on her left side. After another week, fluid built up around her brain, which required a second round of life-saving surgery to insert a drain in her skull. Hurt spent three weeks in an intensive care unit.

Hurt’s husband Patrick told the BBC that his wife’s injuries have “turned life upside down” and that she now requires expensive private physiotherapy, for which the family have had to fundraise.

“30 seconds changed someone’s life. It’s crucified us. Ruined us,” he said.

Kerry said she has “had to learn how to talk again, had to learn how to eat again, and I’m currently learning how to walk again.”

“It’s devastated my life. I can’t even get myself to the toilet anymore.”

Following governmental advice and wanting to go on holiday to Turkey, the Hurts said that they received the jab “for the right reasons,” adding that they are not “anti-vaccine.” Indeed, despite her severe injuries, Kerry continues to believe that taking the shots should be encouraged.

However, after doctors agreed that Kerry’s injuries are likely linked to the AstraZeneca jab, she sought compensation through the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS). According to Kerry, claiming through the scheme has not been easy since the process is choked by “red tape.”

“I did it when the government asked me to do it to protect each other and myself, but now I feel like I’m getting nothing back from the government [saying] ‘we acknowledge you did what we asked but unfortunately for you it’s gone wrong,’” she added.

Patrick told Yorkshire Live that those who have suffered after taking the government-backed drug “should be given the support they need, as after all we were only doing what we were asked for the benefit of all.”

“The government are keeping a lot about the side effects under wraps and that’s what we’re annoyed about,” he continued.

“I do think it was rushed through. We didn’t know about blood clots until it came out later, but they have not said what they will do for people affected by them.”

The VDPS was taken over by the National Health Service (NHS) from the government on November 1. An NHS spokesman told the BBC that, owing to investigations into the relationship between the COVID shots and reported adverse events, “it will take longer before it can be determined if an individual’s claim meets the first legal test of causation.”

(Article by David McLoone republished from Lifesitenews)

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