The Health Ranger talks about satphones and emergency satellite text messaging with Chris Hoar – Brighteon.TV

The Health Ranger talks about satphones and emergency satellite text messaging with Chris Hoar – Brighteon.TV

(Planet Today) The Health Ranger Mike Adams has been an advocate of satellite phones (satphones) for a long time now. This means of communication became the topic of the Dec. 14 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” on Brighteon.TV featuring Chris Hoar.

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Adams’ guest serves as the marketing director of, an information distribution platform for satphones. The platform’s subscribers can receive updates from the Health Ranger, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Alex Jones and other conservative influencers.

“Galileyo is a communications platform that utilizes the satellite phone networks. What we’ve done is [that] we’ve created a platform that can deliver messages to your satphone from the influencers that you follow today and the people you trust to get your news from,” Hoar explained.

“You can stay in touch with your financial life by checking out stock prices, crypto prices and bond prices. We send you weather alerts, news and information from all of your favorite and trusted providers. This is the only way you can get information when you have a blackout or a situation like that.”

Adams emphasized the importance of satphones in an emergency situation. “I’ve given satphones to my family members and my key business people who are located in other countries. I’ve actually had satphones shipped to them. This is how I’m going to communicate with my own people, my own staff in an emergency as well. [For] all the people who want to receive my alerts, it’s [going to] be the same alerts for everybody,” he said. 

Hoar told the Brighteon.TV founder: “I’m sure a lot of your audience is very well-prepared for a disaster, emergency, a breakdown of society or whatever it might be. Communications is a big part of that, and information can be key. You’re in the information business, [and] it can be the difference between life and death. If you have no information, you’re really in the dark, and we want to try and help people not be in the dark.”

According to Adams, satphones are not limited by location compared to amateur (ham) radio. “Terrestrial radio, of course, has a very important role to play – but it’s limited by geography. If you can bounce messages off satellites, then you can get messages anywhere on the planet.”

Satphones play a role in free speech

The Galileyo marketing director also mentioned the potential role of satphones in promoting freedom of speech.

“The censorship is going on everywhere, and also on cellphones. Back in December 2018, the Federal Communications Commission changed the definition of what SMS messages are – from communications to information. That allowed the carriers to then start censoring keywords [and] kicking people off with no repercussions whatsoever.”

Hagmann himself touched on this censorship within mobile phone networks in a July 2021 post. “Surveillance of your private communications has been happening for quite some time. Your text messages, emails [and] Facebook private messages are all being captured by a rogue, globalist surveillance state,” he wrote.

“It is this rogue surveillance state that will decide whether your text messages contain false or misleading information, based on their version of the truth. The globalists will decide whether you can express your opinions to others in a text, email or other private communication – and will take steps to stop you from sending such communications.”

Hoar explained Hagmann’s point further: “What it really comes down to is [that] we pride ourselves on offering anyone of any political leaning a platform where they cannot be de-platformed, won’t be taken down [and] won’t be edited. If someone on our platform says something that breaks the law, then it does, but it’s not up to us to decide what that is. It’s not up to us to decide what you or anyone else should say. It’s up to us to help people access their First Amendment rights.”

The Health Ranger said Galileyo plays a critical role in informing the people when SHTF. “What the people [in] America and all over the world have learned is that [they] can’t trust the media to report the truth. So where do they get an alternative viewpoint of what’s going on? [What’s] a far better source for real information about what’s happening?”

Hoar agreed. “What the internet has failed to do is give a platform which offers freedom of speech to anyone [that is] uncensored [and] unedited. The internet is controlled, basically, by five companies – and all of them have their own opinions. If you don’t agree with those opinions, good luck. We’ve seen YouTube channels shut off [and] people kicked off Twitter all over the world,” he said.

“It’s important to have a way for anyone who’s got a voice and a following to be able to keep broadcasting without censorship and without fear of being shut off. The satellite networks are one of the only places [where] that can happen right now.”

Watch the full Dec. 14 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Chris Hoar below. Tune in to the “Health Ranger Report” from Monday to Friday at 3-3:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV. has more articles about satphones and staying connected in an emergency.

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