THE GREAT ESCAPE from Australia’s COVID concentration death camps

THE GREAT ESCAPE from Australia’s COVID concentration death camps

(Planet Today) If you live in the Northern Territory of Australia and you so much as walk near someone who is suspected of having Covid, you are immediately thrown into a concentration camp by the Australian SS police. It doesn’t matter if you test positive or negative for Covid, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been vaccinated or not, because there is no proof that the PCR tests or the vaccines even work, nor is there actual scientific proof of Covid itself. Like Hitler, Australia’s sacred mission is to incarcerate “all who are not of a good race or chaff,” meaning if you are not vaccinated for Covid you are worthless scum who must be imprisoned for the “greater good” of everyone else who has value.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from

Healthy teenagers escape COVID death camp with their lives

Three teenagers at the new Australian Covid Death Camp, who don’t even have Covid, scaled the concentration camp fence and escaped the dangerous leper colony ghetto, a quarantine prison near Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory.

These teenagers were not convicted of a crime, and they’re not sick, and they’re not Jews living in the early 1940s in Germany. They are innocent teenagers trying to live their lives under a medical-police-state tyranny where the government pretends to be fighting the Covid “black plague” that has yet to kill a teenager anywhere.

Only the Covid vaccines are killing healthy teenagers, athletes and military members in perfect condition. Now the Australian Covid Death Camps are set up to punish anyone who doesn’t fully believe in and bow down to the false narrative.

Police recaptured the 3 teenaged escapees who fled Australian Death Camp called “Howard Springs Center for National Resilience”

Police warned locals to evacuate the area where the teenagers who don’t have Covid escaped from the death camp. They are considered extremely dangerous fugitives of the state, who are “resilient” terrorist rebels because they’re not interested in getting experimental gene therapy clot shots they don’t need. Considerable law enforcement personnel and resources were used to recapture the healthy teenagers. Authorities had set up Nazi SS-Police checkpoints and now the 3 teenagers face thousands of dollars in fines and possibly life in prison (like the Jan. 6th peaceful US Capitol protestors) for disobeying direct government orders.

Even though the teens have NOT yet tested positive for China Flu, the SS police claimed they might have come close to someone who did. Most PCR tests read false-positives for just about anything from a common head cold to seasonal influenza, or even bacterial infections of the mouth from wearing a Covid mask, but that doesn’t stop the authorities from making wild assumptions (not science backed at all) and imprisoning anyone they don’t like.

Hitler once said it was necessary for Germans to… “occupy themselves not merely with the breeding of dogs, horses, and cats but also with care for the purity of their own blood.” In this decree, he called for the elimination of all Jews, which he wrote… “must necessarily be a bloody process.”

One of the first prisoners at Auschwitz was a teenager who was a member of the Polish Boy Scouts, Kazimierz Piechowski, who led a daring escape from the Nazi death camp by impersonating a maddened SS officer and stealing his car.

Hitler believed in “racialism,” just like the Australian authorities do right now, where exclusive “biological entities” have certain traits of personality, behavioral features and superior genetics to others. A term that has now become “racism,” racialism also applied to one’s political leaning and economic stature, which determined civil rights and access to health care. Sound familiar?

CRT, reverse racism, and covid death camps all over the world

This ties into CRT, critical race theory, where all white people are said to be racist insurgents. Now it’s the unvaccinated that are the “swine, rats, and roaches” of society, who are being imprisoned for not cooperating with insane medical-police-state commandments.

As it was, historically, those who oppose the tyrannical administrations are considered low-status races who deserve low-status jobs, or no jobs at all, and limited economic resources. Covid concentration camp prisoners have no rights. They are not allowed phone calls, letters in or out, lawyers, a trial, a jury – nothing. They will continue to be falsely tested positive for Covid with fake PCR tests and held indefinitely.

It’s like Planet of the Apes and World War Z meet the Holocaust. This is what the Democrat (and some Republican) leaders in Washington DC want for all of America. It’s time to step up and defend the Republic and the US Constitution. The following is a clip from the Northern Territory of Australia where the Covid police round up some healthy escapees for their gene therapy injections:

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