PART 5: Deep State Operative Don Berlin Has History with Creepy George Conway from the Lincoln Project


PART 5: Deep State Operative Don Berlin Has History with Creepy George Conway from the Lincoln Project

Deep State Don Berlin created a dossier that was presented to President Trump right before Jan 6.  The document was then leaked to the media in an effort to connect President Trump to insurrection. 

The same Berlin is connected to Lincoln Project’s George Conway.

We reported Wednesday how Deep State operative Don Berlin created a bogus dossier and presented it to President Trump related to the 2020 Election a few days before his rally on January 6th at the Capitol.  (Parts 1 and 2 in this series are also linked to in this article below.)

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Yesterday we reported on how this information was leaked to the media as soon as it was obtained in an effort to connect President Trump with bogus insurrection claims.  It was all a setup.

Now today we can report that Deep State Don Berlin is connected to George Conway of the Lincoln Project.

After we reported on Don Berlin a couple of days ago we received a response from Attorney John Sz0bocsan who provided us information that Berlin worked with George Conway in late 2015 to attempt to obtain funding for a project related to Hillary’s emails.

The proposal is below.  Essentially, Conway and Berlin were asking for nearly $500,000 to perform a series of Internet searches.

Clinton Foundation Briefing... by Jim Hoft

In 2017 Peter Smith, who was the target of Conway and Berlin’s proposal regarding Hillary’s emails, reportedly committed suicide.  This was later questioned.

Creepy George Conway is reportedly one of the founders of the Lincoln Project.  A Republican group that did all they could to remove President Trump from office and earlier this year were labeled a group of really bad people due to its leader’s actions with grooming underage young men.

The Deep State.

(Article by Joe Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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