PANDEMIC’S END? Waste water samples from nearly all of Houston’s treatment plants contain supposed “omicron” variant

PANDEMIC’S END? Waste water samples from nearly all of Houston’s treatment plants contain supposed “omicron” variant

(Planet Today) Most people, when exposed to a weaker strain of a virus, build antibodies that help ward off all versions of that virus, even new mutations. This is the power of natural immunity, and the kind that can last a lifetime, unlike these artificial-stimulation “vaccines” that instruct your cells to create toxic virus-mimicking “particles” that forever invade the body.

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That brings us to the 35 of 39 wastewater treatment plants in Houston, Texas, which just saw their Omicron-positive-tested viral loads increase by up to 164% in just two weeks. This raises the “threat level” (of the possible end) of the pandemic, where millions of people catch the rather harmless Omicron variant and become immune to the rest of The Covid.

CDC says 40% of SARS-CoV-2 infected Americans shed virus RNA in their poop, even if they’re asymptomatic

Since nearly all the Houston wastewater plants are contaminated with Omicron variant, that means that right now nearly EVERY other water treatment plant in America is also contaminated with Omicron. Like the old terror threat “levels” George W. Bush gave us, now all the scamdemic propagators are raising the China Flu threat level to a very scary orange, level II, for the omicron (moronic) laced poop pandemic.

Should all Americans stop pooping for a few weeks to try to flatten the curve? Maybe Amazon should work in tandem with the CDC and issue disposable bio-friendly toilets (bio-bags) and make that a mandate for all bowel movements in America. Just for two weeks, then we’ll go back to “normal.”

“Explosive growth” of Moronic variant key to mass booster holocaust and continued attempt of a communist takeover of America

Most Americans do not have a quality water filtration system in their home, so they will indirectly be “drinking” Omicron water very soon, if not already. Most cheap water filters in the typical house and office do not filter fluoride, heavy metals or viral pathogens. Municipal “treated” omicron will be coming out of the faucets too. This is like when all the cruise ships arrived on America’s west coast with Covid-19 from China. The CDC is well-known for “importing” pandemic-capable viruses, like Ebola, AIDS and Swine Flu.

The most recent samples of Omicron-laced feces at city wastewater facilities all over Houston were taken on December 13th, so this is new news. This is comparable to the “wet market” theory on how Covid began, as compared to a well-funded laboratory-concocted nightmare called “gain of function.”

The day poop took down America is upon us, and we are at threat level orange, whatever that means (it really means head out and get those deadly boosters). They’re even claiming someone in Houston has died from Omicron, but it was probably the vaccines. We’re seeing even athletes drop dead on the playing fields and courts right after getting the Fatal Fauci Fix “clot shots.”

Many adults can remember when it was wise to contract a weak case of the chicken pox and the measles, because that meant strong natural immunity that is effective and durable, and that lasts years, if not forever. Now the CDC and the FDA have betrayed all vaccinated humans by convincing them that the human body is weak and ready to die if it contracts any virus in the wild, so they must all get endless boosters to just “stay alive” through this scamdemic and all the others we’ve seen be spread on purpose.

For reliable health news on the internet, tune to for updates on experimental vaccines (all of the Covid shots) that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects.

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