Nearly half of all covid “vaccine” deaths occur within first two weeks after vaccination: research

Nearly half of all covid “vaccine” deaths occur within first two weeks after vaccination: research

(Planet Today) Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s leading pathologists, has warned that anywhere between 30-40 percent of all deaths from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” occur within the first two weeks after injection.

That number could actually be as high as 45 percent if a recent analysis by Albert Benavides, a friend of COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund founder Steve Kirsch, is correct.

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Since no U.S.-based pathologist would ever dare to touch this issue, a team of German pathologists did it for them, confirming that nearly half of all covid jab deaths occur relatively quickly after the deed is done.

Conservative estimates that assume a 100 percent reporting rate in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) show a shocking level of acute death from Fauci Flu shots within the first 14 days post-injection.

Not only that, but this very conservative and highly unrealistic estimate – as little as one percent of all vaccine-related injuries and deaths make it into VAERS – suggests that the death rate from Chinese Flu shots is about 4.9 per million in a best-case scenario.

“This means these vaccines are at least 5x deadlier than the smallpox vaccine which we pointed out is deemed to be too unsafe to use,” Kirsch explains.

“Note that this estimate assumes that only the deaths in the first two weeks are caused by the vaccine and assumes after 2 weeks all the excess deaths were caused by something else.”

If a vaccine-caused death occurs within the first 14 days after injection, it is counted as an “unvaccinated” death

Do not forget that according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person is not considered “fully vaccinated,” or even vaccinated at all, until 14 days after the injection.

What this means is that if a person who got injected dies on day 13 after the shot, it is counted as an “unvaccinated” death.

So, if nearly half of all covid jab deaths occur within the first two weeks as Benavides and the German pathologists found, then the official numbers are off by that same amount – and again, this is a best-case scenario.

In a worst-case scenario, assuming only one percent of vaccine injuries and deaths ever make it to VAERS at all, the true death count from the injections is astronomical.

“Note: The actual number killed by the vaccines is at least 150K,” Kirsch also explains, “but we’re trying to be as conservative as possible here giving any critics nothing to complain about.”

Benavides found that a bulk of all covid jab deaths, around 33.6 percent, occur within the first week. Another roughly 11 percent occur in the second week. By week five, he estimates that around 63 percent of all deaths have happened at that point.

“Sadly, it will be interesting when antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) becomes more noticeable among the vaccinated in the coming months / years,” wrote one commenter at Natural News about the long-term deaths that have yet to emerge.

“They must force everyone to get the vaccine so their stories hold up,” wrote another. “If a large portion of unvaccinated do well and a majority of the vaccinated are injured or die, their lying crap show falls apart.”

“They are trying to get rid of an entire control group,” responded another. “No control group? Nothing to compare all of the imminent deaths to. If EVERYONE is jabbed, they can call it whatever they want. Very evil actually.”

Lastly, another person pointed out the famous quote from the late President Ronald Reagan about how the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

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