Jeffrey Prather: Jan. 6 patriots are still in jail while BLM, Antifa are allowed to keep rioting – Brighteon.TV

Jeffrey Prather: Jan. 6 patriots are still in jail while BLM, Antifa are allowed to keep rioting – Brighteon.TV

(Planet Today) Retired Special Operations Command soldier Jeffrey Prather slammed the hypocrisy of government leaders during the Dec. 10 episode of “The Prather Point” on Brigheon.TV.

Prather pointed out that the patriots who peacefully protested on Jan. 6 are still in jail, while the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa rioters are still allowed to demonstrate violently.

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“The political prisoners from Jan. 6 are still being held illegally and tortured. The fake news is still talking about the fake insurrection, which even the FBI – which is really the state police organization now – admits it wasn’t an insurrection and they set it up, really. There’s plenty of evidence of that,” Prather said.

“But you’re not going to hear anything about the left’s insurrection that just occurred this week.”

Prather is talking about the left-wing demonstration in Washington, D.C. organized by multiple left-wing groups dubbed “Shutdown D.C.” Shutdown D.C. is a joint effort by several activist organizations, including BLM and Antifa, with the goal of blockading multiple spots surrounding the Capitol building.

“On Dec. 7, as Congress returns to the Capitol for the last week of the 2021 legislative calendar, we’re going to take bold direct action to demand that Congress and the administration take action to pass the programs that they promised us and we voted for,” read a message on Shutdown D.C.’s website.

Direct action, as Prather explains it, is a military term that means any kind of physical or violent action. “They’re talking about violence,” he said. “Because while they accuse the right of violence all the time, they’re the ones who actually commit violence.”

Some of the violent acts Prather pointed out included staging mock plays that feature former President Donald Trump being assassinated, a comedian holding a fake severed head of Trump and having Oathkeepers and other patriots beaten during the Jan. 6 protest.

Some of the other organizations present during the Shutdown D.C. riot include SPACES in Action, Extinction Rebellion D.C., Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Code Pink. The demonstrators advocated for causes such as climate change, immigration reform, expanded voting rights, statehood for Washington, D.C., universal healthcare and racial justice.

Team America must be as prepared and organized as the left

During the weekend before the protest, BLM and Antifa organizers offered participants training. They advertised that the training session would be teaching “the basics of organizing disruptive direct action, specific skills like assertive intervention, working as a police liaison and making action art.”

To Prather, the training session shows that the left is organized and prepared to fight.

“They trained up. So when I say join Team America and train up, you have got to do that if you want to get in the fight. This shows the commitment and level of training of our enemies,” he said.

“And while we are going to win this, we are going to have to commit and you’re going to have to get out of your little box paradigms that you’ve lived in for so long. To win, we must join Team America. To begin to neighbor up, team up, train up and then link up.”

Prather has a lot more to talk about. Watch the full Dec. 10 episode of “The Prather Point” with Jeffrey Prather here:

“The Prather Point” with Jeffrey Prather airs every Friday at 10-11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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