Israel flipping out over spread of new “Omicron” covid strain – vaccines and “boosters” proving to be medically useless

Israel flipping out over spread of new “Omicron” covid strain – vaccines and “boosters” proving to be medically useless

(Planet Today) Despite having one of the most highly vaccinated populations in the world for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Israel is on the verge of another public health emergency meltdown due to the latest “Omicron” strain of the Chinese Virus.

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, just before announcing the commencement of the Hannukah holiday, told the world that his country is “on the threshold of an emergency situation” after the first “case” of Omicron was supposedly detected.

Like several other countries are now doing, Bennett imposed a travel ban to most African countries, Africa being the continent from which Omicron allegedly originated.

Israel’s Health Ministry told the mainstream media that this newest strain of Chinese Germs entered the country from a traveler who returned from Malawi. Two other cases of Omicron are also being investigated in Israel.

To be clear, all three of these individuals who tested “positive” for Omicron are “fully vaccinated,” which once again proves that the injections do not work to stop the spread.

Even though Omicron is already said to be mild and not that big of a deal, Bennett and other Israeli politicians are freaking out about it as they hint at a new wave of lockdowns and other restrictions.

At a recent cabinet meeting, Bennett explained that Omicron is more contagious than Delta – because he is a scientist, after all (not).

“I ask everyone to be prepared and to fully join in the work around the clock,” Bennett told the convening members.

Israel bans sub-Saharan Africans from entering country

From now on, nobody from any sub-Saharan African countries is allowed to enter Israel. According to the Israeli government, all of these African states are now considered “red countries,” which means they are prohibited.

Any person now in Israel who recently traveled to a red country will be hunted down and forced into isolation by the Israeli military, it was announced. “Testing” will then be carried out on them at these “Camp Covid” facilities.

Meanwhile, Israeli scientists are starting to come out with admissions that their country’s mass vaccination program, which continues to be praised by the mass media, did not accomplish what politicians said it would accomplish.

Instead of reducing infections and deaths and getting things back to normal, the injections have created wave after wave of disease and death – with no end in sight.

“In [a] large population of adults tested for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR after two doses of mRNA vaccine, a gradual increase in the risk of infection was seen for individuals who received their second vaccine dose after at least 90 days,” a recent study conducted by Leumit Health Services in Israel concluded.

“Since June 2021 … a resurgence of individuals with SARS-CoV-2 has been seen, which could be at least partially because of decreasing levels of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in vaccinated people.”

Even so, Israeli officials continue to push “booster” shots on the country’s citizens, which must comply or else be ostracized from society.

“Here’s a new idea (sarcasm alert): If the ‘vaccines’ don’t work the way vaccines are supposed to work, why continue using them?” asked one commenter at LifeSiteNews. “I can’t decide whether the world has gone mad or just stupid.”

“Because of their disobedience to GOD YHWH most of them can’t see the lies of Satan’s holocaust puppets,” wrote another.

“My wife and I are completed Israelites in aka Jesus-Yeshua Messiah. ISRAEL isn’t just those precious people over there, without a doubt in our hearts some there will be grafted back into Messiah. We’re praying for that Day! And hasten it! And those that trust politicians, fake quackery science, and false prophets, are lost and cannot see what’s in front them.”

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