In Mexico, residents rescued from a fire… ghost

In Mexico, residents rescued from a fire… ghost

A strange case happened recently in Mexico. A woman was taken out of the fire and immediately disappeared. Later it turned out that the apartment was empty and no one lived there for a long time.

It happened in the Canarios neighborhood of Altamira. Around 4 a.m., residents on Golondrinas Street noticed a fire in the window of an apartment on the third (top) floor of a house.

When they ran outside, they heard women screaming from the burning apartment. Neighbors were divided, some ran to call the fire department, others to get buckets of water to put out the fire, and the Buenrostro couple went up to the third floor to rescue the woman.

According to Fabiola Buenrostro, her husband broke open the locked door of the burning apartment and immediately saw the young woman there, whom he led outside. But when he took the woman outside, she suddenly disappeared, and no one saw where she went.

When the couple started looking for her, all the other neighbors began to tell them that no one had lived in that apartment for a long time and that there could be no woman. Apparently none of them had seen the woman, even when Buenrostro took her out of the house.

When the firemen doused the flames of the fire, curious neighbors entered the burned apartment and found it completely empty, with nothing there but a stump of a candle, a stone bench, and a small mirror.

There was no sign that anyone had lived here, much less a young woman. After that, rumors began to spread like a wave among the neighbors that the Buenrostro couple had in fact brought a ghost out of the fire. People were very frightened by what had happened.

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