IMPOSSIBLE SCIENCE: Novavax says it will have a new “vaccine” ready in just two weeks for the “Omicron” variant, which appeared just last week

IMPOSSIBLE SCIENCE: Novavax says it will have a new “vaccine” ready in just two weeks for the “Omicron” variant, which appeared just last week

(Planet Today) If you thought Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump was fast at bringing the first round of Operation Warp Speed “vaccines” to the world, get a load of this: Novavax says it will have a new injection ready for the “Omicron” variant in just two weeks.

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Even though Omicron is barely a week old itself, Novavax says it already has a jab ready and waiting to be released for “emergency use” before Christmas arrives, and possibly even before Hannukah is over.

Trump, by the way, gave Novavax $1.6 billion back in early 2020 to develop rushed-to-market injections for Chinese Germs. The company never released anything, though, until now.

It would appear as though Trump, Novavax, and others involved with Operation Warp Speed knew full well that another new variant would arrive later on down the road that supposedly could not be “cured” with the first round of “vaccines.” This variant has now officially been dubbed Omicron, and Novavax is chomping at the bit to get its piece of the plandemic profit pie.

“Wow, 72 hours ago no one even heard the name Omicron variant,” reported The Conservative Treehouse.

“Now, in less than three days, a variant has been identified, global travel has been halted, states of emergency have been declared, and now we see a pharmaceutical company announcing the variant specific vaccine trial that will begin in the U.S. in a few weeks. This government relationship with Big Pharma is certainly generating some fast action, eh?”

Lockdowns, travel bans are artificially halting demand to cover for Wall Street and the Federal Reserve’s destruction of the economy

Interestingly, Omicron was announced on the very same day that the markets really started to take a tumble. This behemoth known as the global economy has been teetering for years now, and the first announcement of a global “pandemic” came just in time to scapegoat a relatively minor but significant market crash in early 2020.

Now, the artificial markets have reached what appears to be a peak and are ready for a much larger crash, and along comes the Omicron variant and another round of “vaccines” ready and waiting in the wings to save the day.

“If a person was cynically inclined; while knowing governments’ need to control inflation yet cannot raise interest rates or stop purchasing debt because current legislative spending continues – a remarkable control option would be to halt demand,” The Conservative Treehouse further reported, pointing to the new Omicron restrictions as the tool being used to halt demand.

As complicit governments everywhere play their part in shutting everything down on behalf of Wall Street and the Fed, Novavax is gearing up to see the profits flow. The company has already received emergency use authorization for its new drug in Indonesia and the Philippines, and both BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) are racing to join the party with their own respective shots against the new Omicron variant.

“All of this discussion seems like arguing about dirty silverware while an arsonist set fire to the house you’re in an hour ago,” wrote one commenter. “The arsonist then sets fire to the whole town.”

“Novavax will give you early onset dementia,” wrote another. “It uses folded protein. Another word for it is a prion. Don’t go near it.”

“Fauci said just the other day that they have not had a chance to really identify this new ‘Omicron’ variant (really should have been called the Xi variant), and here already a vaccine is being developed to inoculate against that variant,” wrote another. “I honestly believe that they do think that we are really that stupid.”

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