HISTORY REPEATS: The ever-corrupt Anthony Fauci is to the FDA what Dr. Morris Fishbein was to the AMA

HISTORY REPEATS: The ever-corrupt Anthony Fauci is to the FDA what Dr. Morris Fishbein was to the AMA

(Planet Today) Déjà vu. They say if you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it, and that is exactly what is happening now, with all the corruption inside the FDA regarding the Covid scamdemic. Anthony Fauci is part of a medical cartel whose powerful corruption dates back to the President of the American Medical Association (AMA) from 1924 to 1950, and the infamous Dr. Morris Fishbein. Morris Fishbein’s rise to power began when he labeled all natural healers “quacks” and used the AMA “seal of acceptance” the way the FDA uses their fast-track drug approvals and “emergency use” authorization to sell toxic and dangerous medicine at exorbitant prices. It’s called racketeering, and yes, it is still illegal.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

Meet Dr. Anthony Fauci, a deep-seeded, criminal-minded huckster who has long promoted “gain of function” research. This dates way back to long before the Wuhan virus outbreak.

The notorious Dr. Morris Fishbein was also the Chief Editor of JAMA, the Journal of the AMA, just as Fraudulent Fauci writes the script for the Plandemic

Morris Fishbein operated the AMA for the sole purpose of dominating medicine and discrediting anything he could not control; however, he was eventually convicted of racketeering charges. Just like Fauci now, Fishbein ran the AMA like a dictatorship, and that lasted for twenty years.

The AMA was even pushing cigarettes and advising the cigarette manufacturers HOW to conduct “acceptable scientific testing.” Sound familiar? Everything he said was supposedly “science backed” and “evidence based,” but it was all about poisoning Americans with toxic medicine and cigarettes (even while research was revealing cigarette smoke caused lung cancer).

Now it’s the Fauci Flu and endless toxic clot shots that also cause cancer. The evil coalition of pharma companies, tech titans and mass media has the vaccine industrial complex speeding up the death of Americans under the guise of medicine and gene therapy injections.

Remember, this all started 100 years ago thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation, which took complete control over the US medical school system and ended all education about nutrition, substituting it with teaching all doctors that only the new toxic prescription medications “approved” with a fake AMA seal were legal to treat disease, disorder, everything. That’s why the FDA bans use of Ivermectin today. Same premise, different crook running the show.

Fauci could have prevented the ENTIRE pandemic, but since he is at the core of designing it, funding it and making a fortune off it, why would he do that?

Design a pandemic, spread it, run it, write a book about it, invest in Big Pharma and become a multi-millionaire. That was the plan and that’s what we are all witnessing from Anthony Fauci right now. There’s no such thing as insider trading, racketeering, embezzling or conspiring when you work for the FDA or CDC anymore. If there was, Fauci would already be doing hard time in a federal prison or facing the death sentence for mass murder and bio-terrorism.

Chronic diseases have already skyrocketed under Fauci’s administration and Covid fake “mitigation” tyranny. Fauci purposely incubated the pandemic by funding gain of function capability for a virus that would have never infected humans.

Everything he has recommended has not only failed, but has spread the pandemic and made everything worse, including wearing bacteria-breeding masks all day, social distancing, lockdowns, closure (and planned bankrupting) of most small-to-medium sized businesses, toxic Remdesivir and choke-you-to-death ventilators, and now horrific clot shots that create billions of microscopic virus-mimicking particles in the vascular system, leading to heart problems, cancer and ADE.

Fauci functions just like a complete psychopath who suffers from delusions of grandeur

It’s not just the Covid plandemic that Fauci propagated; there have been many others, including HIV/AIDS, SARS, Swine Flu, MERS and Ebola. Fauci suffers from delusions of grandeur and often declares that he himself is “SCIENCE,” and anyone who disagrees with that or anything he says is officially “anti-science,” no matter what their credentials are, including brilliant scientists, doctors, nutritionists, virologists, surgeons and the like.

Dr. Morris Fishbein was an embezzler and a huckster, just like Anthony Fauci

Within just 10 years of running the AMA, Morris Fishbein owned nearly ALL of the American Medical Association’s stock. Think about that for a minute. Why is Anthony Fauci allowed to profit from a book he writes about the pandemic while he runs it and we are still in it? How is that legal? Fishbein coerced nearly all American doctors into joining his new “state association” that he created for the medical community, or they should fear losing their medical license.

This parallels with forced-Covid-vaccination or “lose your job” today. Fishbein was finally ousted by the state delegations of doctors, but it was too little too late, and the chronic damage was all done. The JAMA journal had run advertisements that said “Patients with coughs were instructed to change to Philip Morris cigarettes.” People were smoking themselves right into lung cancer while the head of the AMA told them it was “safe” and “effective” at helping with digestion.

Big Pharma paid Fishbein big bucks behind closed doors to ruin all nutrition information while pushing toxic drugs. It was a formula for epidemics and pandemics to come. Fishbein was called by big media the “Voice of American Medicine.” The chemical industrial medical complex dug its roots in deep, and now they’re called the FDA and the CDC. Same system, different players. Now you know the “real” Anthony Fauci. Beware. For reliable health news on the internet, tune to Vaccines.news for updates on experimental vaccines (all of the Covid shots) that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects.

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