Heavy rains caused flooding in Uruguay

Heavy rains caused flooding in Uruguay

Very heavy rains have been recorded at locations in the south and east of Uruguay since yesterday due to the deepening of the low atmospheric pressure center over the country. Some extreme rainfall with very large amounts in a short period was recorded. The departments most affected were Soriano, Rocha and Colonia.

The Bulletin of the Uruguayan Meteorological Institute reports that the highest amount of rainfall in the 24 hours to 7 a.m. this Monday was in Rocha, in the department of Rocha, which borders the extreme south of the Rio Grande do Sul.

The weather station recorded 125.3 mm, with most of that volume falling in a very short period of time, causing the city to begin that morning flooded.

Inumet records also showed 115 mm in Nueva Helvesia (Colonia), 114 mm in El Cerro (Colonia), 106 mm in Ombuez de Laval (Colonia), 94.8 in La Paloma (Rocha), 91 mm in Cardona (Soriano) and 85 mm in Agraciada (Soriano). The cities of Soriano and Colonia, as well as Rocha, were also affected by flooding.

MetSul warned that the south and east of Uruguay could receive heavy rainfall. The cause is a low pressure center that deepened over Uruguayan territory yesterday and today generated an extratropical cyclone off the country’s coast. This system even favored storms in Argentina and Paraguay.

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