Divers filmed a huge eight-meter “worm”

Divers filmed a huge eight-meter “worm”

Divers filming a video off the coast of New Zealand noticed an unusual sea creature that resembles a huge eight-meter worm. This is reported by the BGR website.

One of the divers, videographer Steve Hathaway, immediately realized that he was dealing with the so-called pyrosome – a colony of harmless invertebrates in a common shell. Although the size of individual individuals does not exceed a few millimeters, the entire colony can grow up to several meters in length.

Hathaway has long dreamed of seeing this creature. Together with a friend, he swam near the pyrosome for almost an hour, and during this time he photographed and filmed it.

In 2018, it was reported that a resident of the New Zealand city of Christchurch posted photos of a strange sea creature on Facebook. It had a long tail with two appendages on the sides, it had claws on its wings, and its mouth was filled with sharp teeth.

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