Americans get 90 DAYS IN JAIL for simply keeping their businesses OPEN during the scamdemic, while Walmart, McDonald’s, Amazon rake in a fortune

Americans get 90 DAYS IN JAIL for simply keeping their businesses OPEN during the scamdemic, while Walmart, McDonald’s, Amazon rake in a fortune

(Planet Today) A judge in Minnesota just sentenced a woman to 90 days in jail for “violating” the governor’s COVID-19 indoor service ban during the scamdemic. Thou shall not make money during the China Flu crisis unless you are a high-ranking member of a huge corporation (at the top of the food chain). Though quarantines, lockdowns and small-to-medium-sized businesses (“non-essential” according to the government) forced closures have exacerbated the pandemic, the Biden Covid regime and their sellout/buy in judges must burn some scarecrows to intimidate the populace and claim otherwise.

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Owner of Interchange Wine & Coffee Bistro, Melissa Hanson, now imprisoned for serving alcohol indoors

Google says her business is permanently closed, but how would they know? Who says she can’t run her business after being tied to the scamdemic whipping post? Google business pages reveal that Melissa Hanson’s Bistro is permanently closed, per the screenshot below.

You see, anyone who opposes the Resident Biden/CCP administration Covid guidelines is put in a Gulag and their life is ruined forever. This is the Democrat way to protect the “greater good,” as Hitler once proclaimed. Guilty on all counts, the jurors found. The courts called it breaking the law, but what law is that? All the FAST FOOD restaurants remained open during the pandemic, if even just as a drive through or takeout or delivery, because they are corporations, and there is no science behind going into a restaurant versus getting “take out” food and “spreading Covid.” Get it?

Quarantines for bad head colds and the flu are not laws, they’re “mandates” and conjured rules based on ZERO science, even though they are all about stopping the so-called spread of false-PCR-positive coronavirus, a strain of a lab-made something that’s never been isolated or identified.

Bistro owner labeled “ongoing public safety risk” and “unwilling to participate in the legal process”

Hanson, a “first time offender,” should not have been sent to jail at all. Is there any proof she got anyone infected with Covid at her Bistro? Were there ever any claims made by anyone about this? Is this just fake news (plandemic) with real-life consequences? She was arrested for being passionate about her country and expressing the God-given and constitutional right to function.

Why should most large corporations continue to function at not just 100 percent capacity throughout the pandemic, but grossly funded by the desperation of every American who could not go to family restaurants, or grocers, or health shops, or anything that wasn’t Amazon or Walmart run?

The judge berated her anyway, “You were a public risk because you kept your business open.” That must be as dangerous as not wearing a mask, like nearly every politician who’s been caught partying without one, over and over. Hanson is no criminal, so why is she being treated like one? It’s all part of the smoke and mirrors of the big Covid Circus. Step right up folks and see the sheeple ride the Ferris wheel of death (Covid vaccine regimen including all upcoming boosters).

It gets better. The judge also accused Melissa Hanson of being greedy and taking advantage of the pandemic by staying open while others were closed. But wait, the vaccine manufacturers made billions off jabs that don’t work, and maim and kill thousands of people, but they’re not greedy and guilty of spreading THE Covid? The judge went on to belittle the restaurant owner, “You sure played them for the fool, didn’t you?” he jabbed at her, “You just wanted to make money during a global pandemic.”

Isn’t Fauci writing a book? The woman was trying to pay her bills, put food on her family’s table and keep her business functioning during a big fake crisis where nobody needed to shut down or limit capacity at all, ever. The whole theory of lockdowns and quarantines was horribly applied and failed miserably at “flattening the curve” that never existed.

For reliable health news on the internet, tune to for updates on experimental vaccines (all of the Covid shots) that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects.

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