90% of all “covid” deaths since August occurred in fully vaccinated

90% of all “covid” deaths since August occurred in fully vaccinated

(Planet Today) The corporate media is once again spreading hysteria about the latest new “variant” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), which has been dubbed “Omicron” (Moronic). What the world is not being told, however, is that the only people affected by it are the “fully vaccinated.”

Not only that, but nine out of 10 “covid” deaths since August are fully vaccinated deaths, meaning almost no unvaccinated people are dying after testing “positive.”

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

At this point in time, the only plandemic that exists is the one that is spreading among people who took the jabs. This is fully evidenced by official government data, which shows an almost clean bill of health for the remaining unvaccinated population.

In its weekly report on cases, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status, Public Health Scotland (PHS) is reporting that the vast majority of serious injuries and deaths from “covid” are occurring in people who got injected. The non-injected are mostly doing just fine.

“By analysing the data contained within the report alongside data from previous reports that stretches as far back as Aug. 14, 2021, we can see that Scotland has very much been experiencing a ‘Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated’ since at least August,” reports the Daily Exposé.

“Proving the introduction of new restrictions has nothing to do with the worry that the new Omicron variant may impact the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines, and instead has everything to do with control, because the jabs have proven to be ineffective for months.”

The data is clear: Getting vaccinated massively increases your risk of death

The data from PHS clearly shows that since August, the number of unvaccinated cases has been progressively declining. At the same time, the number of fully vaccinated cases has been spiking.

The overall trends show that the unvaccinated are staying healthier and better protected against the latest variants while the fully vaccinated are succumbing more and more to whatever it is that is being injected into their bodies.

As for hospitalizations, very few unvaccinated people ever even have to go to the hospital because their symptoms are mild or non-existent. The same cannot be said of the fully vaccinated, who are flooding hospitals at a growing rate.

“As you can see from above the data proves that it is the fully vaccinated population who have been putting a strain on the healthcare system and not the unvaccinated as the authorities and mainstream media would have you believe,” the Daily Exposé reported.

The most shocking data point of all is the death toll between vaccinated and unvaccinated. The disparity is so dramatic that there is no longer any denying that the jabs are what is killing people, not some “virus” floating around in the air.

By a long shot, fully vaccinated people account for nearly all deaths attributed to “covid.” Conversely, there are almost no unvaccinated people dying from covid, even using official government metrics for calculation. (RELATED: Independent data analyses suggest that millions of fully vaccinated people have already died from their lethal injections.)

While the number of unvaccinated deaths has pretty much flatlined, the number of fully vaccinated deaths is going exponentially parabolic – and as time goes on, the growth curve will likely get even steeper.

“The data available from Public Health Scotland stretching back 14 weeks proves very much that this is a pandemic of the fully vaccinated, and with the vaccinated accounting for 6 in every 10 cases (57%), 7 in every 10 hospitalisations (70%), and 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths (85%) since at least August, this also proves that the Covid-19 vaccines have already been ineffective for months,” the Daily Exposé warns.

More of the latest news about the Chinese Virus and the plandemic of the fully vaccinated can be found at Genocide.news.

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