The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Starting Today Will Not Be Livestreamed

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Starting Today Will Not Be Livestreamed
Is there another giant Epstein bomb about to drop?

With the way social media blew up this weekend about the Ghislaine Maxwell trial coverage, one might think so. Over the last few days, messages on Facebook and Twitter have expressed disgust and skepticism about the fact that the Maxwell trial will not be livestreamed, similar to the way the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was.

There have been Tweets abound suggesting that press may be banned from the courtroom and that Judge Alison Nathan had issued some type of "gag order" preventing the press from being at the trial.. 

Tweets like these were abound, making their way across social media all weekend:
But these assertions look as though they may not be entirely true.

Federal trials prohibit all cameras, Newsweek reported this morning. "Cameras were allowed in Rittenhouse's as it was a state trial, held in a Wisconsin state court," their article said, debunking the notion that since one trial was livestreamed, the other one should be. 

"[E]xcept as otherwise provided by a statute or these rules, the court must not permit the taking of photographs in the courtroom during judicial proceedings or the broadcasting of judicial proceedings from the courtroom," the report says, citing Federal law.

Newsweek instead reported this morning that that no gag order had been issued and that the press are being "guaranteed access" to the courtroom:
Contrary to claims made on social media, a judge has not issued a gag order, and per federal rules, only individuals inside the courthouse will be able to watch the trial. Among those being guaranteed access to the trial are members of the press, alleged victims, and members of Maxwell's family.
A November 24 order from Judge Alison Nathan stated:
"First, consistent with the District's COVID-19 distancing requirements, a number of pool reporters and members of the public will be permitted in the courtroom proper as managed by the District's Executive Office. Second, press will also be able to access the trial in dedicated overflow courtrooms for the press."
Either way, we are expecting fireworks and will follow developments as they occur...
The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Starting Today Will Not Be Livestreamed

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