Spring snowfall hits Tasmania, Australia

Spring snowfall hits Tasmania, Australia

Residents in parts of Tasmania woke up to find their yards covered in snow as a massive cold front hit them with the spring chill.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), temperatures in Hobart dropped to 2.9 degrees Celsius overnight, making it the coldest November night in the city since 1953.

BOM’s Luke Johnston reported that up to 30 centimeters of snow fell in areas of the Western and Central Plateau as well as the Northeast Highlands.

Launceston recorded an overnight low of 2C and the town of Cressey in the north Midlands saw temperatures drop to 1C.

“The least amount of snow would have fallen in southern Tasmania, but because of the height of the Central Plateau and some of the mountain ranges in western Tasmania, more snow fell there, or probably more snow fell because they are much higher above sea level,” he said.

Mr. Johnston said the cold southwest air came from Antarctica.

Police are urging motorists to use “extreme caution” in areas affected by snow or ice.

Drivers are asked to turn on their headlights when visibility deteriorates and to leave extra space between vehicles.

Bureau spokeswoman Belinda House told ABC Radio Hobart that the snow will gradually fall throughout Monday, with snow levels rising above 700 feet by late afternoon.

Ms. House said showers could continue in the western, central and southern parts of the state Monday.

“Tuesday and Wednesday [the chance of heavy rain in Hobart] is low,” she said.

“On Thursday, a front will come through that will increase heavy rainfall activity again … and we’ll see a weak flow develop over the southeast mainland over the weekend, so it will be a potentially normal weekend.”

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