RIGGED: British health agency deletes study that found COVID jabs substantially increase infection risk

(Planet Today) The latest science shows that people who get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are much more likely to become infected with the disease than their unvaccinated counterparts. The British government, meanwhile, is desperately trying to scrub this fact from its official reporting.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

The U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which took over the now-defunct Public Health England, removed a graph from its weekly update report depicting significantly higher rates of infection among the “fully vaccinated” compared to those with natural immunity.

The 40-49 age group showed the worst numbers at double the infection rate among the fully vaccinated, followed by the 50-59, 60-69, and 30-39 age groups. People over the age of 70 who get vaccinated are also at a much higher risk of infection compared to unvaccinated people in that demographic.

The data behind that chart is still available from the UKHSA in spreadsheet form, but one would have to know how to parse it all out and run the functions manually in order to see what it shows.

“It can be seen from the above figure that among those aged 40-79, the rate of infection is more than double in the fully vaccinated versus their unvaccinated counterparts, with vaccine effectiveness dropping to an all-time low of -131 percent in the 40-49 cohort and suggesting that the jabs may cripple the natural immune response,” reported LifeSiteNews.

Mainstream media criticizes scientific data, says it provides “material for conspiracy theorists”

When the UKHSA first put out the controversial graph, the mainstream media in Great Britain criticized the agency for releasing it – claiming that it “provides material for conspiracy theorists around the world.”

Even though the graph was compiled using sound scientific data, the talking-heads blasted it for not reinforcing the official narrative that Fauci Flu shots are “safe and effective.”

The UKHSA responded by issuing an apology, suggesting that even though the data clearly shows otherwise, COVID-19 injections should still be taken to help “flatten the curve.”

“In the context of very high vaccine coverage in the population, even with a highly effective vaccine, it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalizations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100 percent effective,” the agency said.

“This is especially true because vaccination has been prioritized in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease.”

The agency also claimed that many of the fully vaccinated people hospitalized post-vaccination are experiencing things that are not related to the injections.

“Non-COVID-19 causes,” the UKHSA said, “is a big reason for these hospitalizations.”

The Public Health Agency of Sweden is seeing a similar phenomenon with roughly 70 percent of all COVID-related deaths now occurring in the fully vaccinated. The same is true in Israel, where that figure is around 71 percent.

“Nearly 60 percent of gravely ill patients are fully vaccinated,” one report explained about Israel’s situation. “There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated.”

“This is a very clear warning sign for the rest of the world.”

Dr. Robert Malone, who helped invent messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, is a strong proponent of relying on natural immunity instead of fake vaccine immunity. Fake vaccine immunity does not provide protection against the spread of the virus, and we now know that the unvaccinated fare much better.

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