Popular Indian actor who suddenly died of heart attack had taken COVID vaccine

(Planet Today) Famous Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar, 46, died Friday after suffering a massive heart attack, with speculation a Covid-19 vaccine could be to blame for the untimely death.

(Article by Adan Salazar republished from InfoWars.com)

“The 46-year-old actor complained of chest pain in the morning while working out in his gym,” reported the Times of India.

The Bollywood actor was treated at a hospital in Bengaluru where doctors were unable to save him.

“Puneet Rajkumar aged 46 years was brought to the emergency department, Vikram Hospital with history of chest pain at 11:40 am. He was non responsive and was in Cardiac Asystole and Advanced cardiac resuscitation has been initiated,” reads a statement released by Vikram Hospital.

“Prior to coming here, he had gone to a clinic following chest pain around 11 am. ECG was done in the clinic. He has suffered from heart attack. Treatment was immediately initiated as he arrived. His condition is critical,” said Dr Ranganath Nayak, a cardiologist at Vikram Hospital.

People gathered outside the hospital to support the beloved actor.

A tribute by the country’s prime minister Narendra Modi made note of Rajkumar’s young age.

The Bollywood star was frequently tapped by the Indian government to help promote Covid-19 lockdowns and vaccines to the Indian people.

“A yoga practitioner and a strong advocate of healthy living, Puneeth is known to be one of the healthiest and fittest actors in the south Indian film industry,” Indian media site TheNewsMinute.com reported.

According to a tweet, Rajkumar received his first vaccine dose back in April and urged fans 45-years-old and over to get vaccinated.

It’s unclear if, or when Rajkumar received his second vaccine dose, or which vaccine he originally received.

The BBC reports, “India is using three vaccines – the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab, known locally as Covishield; Covaxin by Indian firm Bharat Biotech; and Russian-made Sputnik V.”

Despite the uncertainty, many on social media attributed the otherwise healthy actor’s death to the vaccine.

Is there a correlation between vaccines, strenuous exercise and heart attacks?

Last week, a man documented how he was diagnosed with the supposedly-rare heart condition pericarditis after he felt chest pain during a work out.

And, also my partner has developed myocarditis. We’re both fit. We both train a lot. So it’s very shocking, and honestly I just want every young guy to know that if you are training and you’re getting vaccinated, stop training, because I was due for my second [jab] and the cardiologist said it could’ve killed me. It’s only by chance I’m here, so yeah, good luck to everybody and do your research.”

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