Operation Warp Speed wouldn’t have been possible had Congress not redefined the word “vaccine” just prior to the plandemic

(Planet Today) When Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump first unveiled “Operation Warp Speed” as the solution to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” many were confused at how quickly the 45th president got it all done. It normally takes years to develop a new vaccine, and somehow the process was fast-tracked from start to finish (or so we were told) in a matter of months.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

Well, it turns out that these so-called “vaccines” are not vaccines at all. And Congress knew about them long before the Chinese Virus made its first mysterious appearance in the United States.

In fact, Congress paved the way for the introduction of these abominations as the “cure” for the Chinese Virus. Under the old rules, a vaccine had to meet certain strict requirements in order to be considered an actual vaccine. What they are calling “covid vaccines” did not qualify.

Towards the end of 2019, however, the federal government addressed this little problem by completely redefining the word vaccine to include novel biological products like mRNA (messenger RNA), for instance.

The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, as the legislation is called, amended Section 351(i)(1) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 262(i)(1) to strike the words “except any chemically synthesized polypeptide” from SEC. 605. BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT DEFINITION.

“Thus, prior to the 2019 change which was made soon before the reported outbreak of COVID-19, ‘any chemically synthesized polypeptide’ would not be regulated by the FDA as a ‘biological product.’ This could be interpreted to mean that if a supposed ‘vaccine’ was a ‘chemically synthesized polypeptide,’ then apparently it would not be regulated as a biological product,” reported LifeSiteNews.

“But chemicals labeled as ‘vaccines’ require biologic product license applications; thus, it seems that according to the previous definition of ‘biological product,’ any chemical entity that is a chemically synthesized polypeptide could not be labeled as a vaccine.”

Trump knew about all this and signed his name onto it

Since mRNA injections contain chemically synthesized “spike” proteins, they never would have qualified as vaccines under the old rules. Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress made sure to change that, and Trump then signed off on it, paving the way for the plandemic to go just as, well, planned.

Trump can only be given a free pass so many times before it just gets silly. Trying to argue that he must not have known what was written in the thing he signed is a stretch. He either knew what he was signing and was in on it all along, or he did not know what he signed and reneged on his responsibility as president to protect We the People against bad legislation, not sign it into law.

Some do not want to hear this, but it is the truth. None of what we are experiencing right this moment would have been possible had Trump and Congress not made these key legal changes in the final hours of Trump’s presidency, passing the baton off to Joe Biden.

The chaos of that transition coupled with the powder keg of extreme political division that had been fueled all throughout Trump’s presidency created the conditions necessary for obfuscating the fact that both “sides” appear to have been in on all this, Trump included.

“That would explain why so many so-called Republicans in Congress are staying quiet and not speaking out against the mandates and vaxxes,” one commenter at Natural News wrote.

“Without a doubt that is a condemning piece of evidence, and it is good to see all of this coming to light,” added a commenter at LifeSiteNews to the conversation.

The latest news about Chinese Virus plandemic deception can be found at Pandemic.news.

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