EXPOSED: Covid vaccines are 800 times more dangerous than smallpox vaccines and KILL more people than they save for all age groups

EXPOSED: Covid vaccines are 800 times more dangerous than smallpox vaccines and KILL more people than they save for all age groups

(Planet Today) The whole premise of medicine is that it saves lives without costing lives, but sadly, that is not the case with the Covid vaccines. For many years, the smallpox vaccine was the most dangerous of them all. Times have changed. Technology changed. Today, the Covid vaccines have already, in one year’s time, proven themselves 800 TIMES more deadly than the smallpox jab. How could this be? According to several independent analyses, there are at minimum 400 deaths per million doses, and double that statistic for the fully vaccinated. Then double that death toll for each booster, and it becomes exponential when all other preexisting conditions are exacerbated by severe, chronic inflammation and microscopic blood clots throughout the vascular system.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from

Most dangerous injections by a long shot

Who else has chosen to be a part of a grand experiment in gene manipulation and hyper-inflammation? Who else is so afraid of catching a weakened strain of the Chinese flu that they are willing to get more injections of the most dangerous “vaccines” ever created in human history? These “clot shots” are also 25 times more likely to cause permanent disability than any other jab in history.

Here’s the most recent VAERS data on those debilitating injuries and deaths caused directly by the Covid jabs, and this data is said to be grossly underestimated, and may even be altered by the corrupt CDC/FDA pharma goons. This needs to be carefully considered.

Research reveals the risk of taking Covid vaccines far outweighs any benefit derived

Research compiled from ALL age groups reveals a shocking discovery that vaccine fanatics need to see to believe. The Covid vaccines (though they should not be called that because they are not) are killing off 2 humans for each one saved from Covid. That ratio is worse when you throw young people in the mix, under 20 years young and on down the line. Just wait until they start injecting infants, which pharma likes to do on the day of birth. Democrat leaders drool over infanticide, so this is their dream come true.

The overall risk/benefit ratio for Covid vaccines is around 5/1. Folks in the 65-plus demographic are five times more likely to croak from the China Flu jab than from Covid itself. This age group is also the most vulnerable to adverse events, making the chances of death skyrocket, driving the risk/benefit ratio ever higher, up to 20/1 (for folks who are already battling cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dementia, or any combination of those chronic, life-threatening ailments).

Over 205,000 dead and approaching 1 million hospitalizations thanks to the Covid jabs

Official data reveals over six months that eight times more people have died from the Covid clot shots than the number of people Covid actually killed over the past year-and-a-half. Another 1.8 million had to go to the emergency room shortly after getting stuck with billions of blood-clotting prions. Tack on another 230,000 who experienced life-threatening events, and many of whom were perfectly healthy up until they got the shot. How is this considered “safe and effective?” That slogan has been obliterated by the Fauci Flu shots. Decimated.

This rate of death and disability caused by the Covid jabs is unacceptable, and even the most fanatical vax-freaks are admitting this (think the grand puppet of the vaccine industry Paul Offit at his “CHOP” hospital in Philadelphia). Offit says he “couldn’t agree more” and has been calling for a halt to these vaccines since last May.

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