Why “experts say” means it’s pure B.S. when it comes to everything COVID

(Planet Today) If you want to spot medical scams and “treatment” hustles before they get you trapped and regretting, all you have to do is wait for the script narrator to say the words “experts say” and you’ve landed right in the middle of the swamp of lies. If you’re reading a newspaper about Covid, and you’re wondering if there is any science behind the claims that are being made, then just keep your eyes open for the words “experts say,” and you’ll know right then it’s a big circle jerk of one clown referencing another clown, and NONE of it is evidence-based. None. So it’s time for the “Propaganda Roundup” and exposure of the whole Covid con-game, as very well laid out on the Daily Bell recently.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

There is no “new normal” because it’s never normal to inject billions of prions into your blood that clog it and clot it, no matter what the “experts” say

It’s not “normal” to wear a mask that obstructs your breathing all day. It’s not normal to alter how your immune system functions by tricking your cells into producing spike proteins that mimic virus pathogens, thus creating a toxin-producing factory (mRNA technology) in your body that you can never regulate or turn off.

It’s also not normal for humans to live in isolation, kill ALL bacteria around them with disinfectants, and then tell everyone, including healthy adults and all children, they must get gene therapy injections every 3 months for the rest of their lives in order to ‘have rights’ and to ‘survive.’ No person should be accepting this medical tyranny as any kind of ‘normal’ because it’s the furthest one can get from normal in this world.

Current ‘Demoncrat’ ruling class wants all the humanoids vaccinated quarterly with immune-system crushing injections of toxic spike proteins

There is no bigger red flag about fake science than when media pundits claim “experts say.” This is meant to circumvent saying scientists or doctors or immunologists have determined through research, and then source or cite the studies. “Experts say” has now replaced “safe and effective” because the SCIENCE reveals that Covid vaccines are NOT safe and NOT effective, so they can’t use that fake catch phrase anymore. It’s like changing the name mercury to thimerosal, once everyone found out mercury damages the brain and central nervous system, and often permanently.

The ruling class, along with the corrupt CDC, have abandoned everything science-based and evidence-based for “experts say,” referring to anyone who will read the pharma script word for word, while pretending what they’re saying is based on their own expert opinion, if there even are any experts left who can speak intelligently and honestly about Covid (who aren’t already whistleblowers). Covid vaccinations are making humans reliant upon boosters for basic immune function, like a diabetic that must have insulin. It’s a vicious cycle of fear and clot shot, fear and clot shot.

Covid misinformation is being weaved into the public consciousness through scripted propaganda and hospital protocols that actually kill people who catch Covid (or bacterial infections from their masks)

No, Covid didn’t originate at a wet market selling bat meat. That was a lie that came to us from “experts” in the field of immunology and dirty vaccine manufacturing. Saying “experts say” is just a cover story for not having any accountability whatsoever for pushing lies about the safety or efficacy of Covid vaccination, since it’s so dangerous and deadly.

Now the “experts” are saying that if you don’t bow down to the corrupt vaccine industry and take every gene therapy injection they “recommend,” then you are anti-science, when in actuality there is nothing scientific to back up their claims about needing any vaccines at all for Covid. Then, when vaccinated people catch Covid and rush to the hospital, they’re treated with Remdesivir, which can decimate kidney function, and choke-you-to-death ventilators. Thanks a lot “experts.”

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