The awakened Aso volcano covers the surroundings with red-hot shards

One of the largest volcanoes in the world – 1,592-meter high Aso – woke up in Japan three years later (the last release was in 2019). After the beginning of the eruption, the column of ash rose to a height of three and a half kilometers, and the ejection of hot rock occurs within a radius of one and a half kilometers from the crater. No data on the injured or killed have been reported yet, the Russia 24 TV channel reports. Air traffic on the island of Kyushu, in the Kumamoto prefecture of which the volcano is located, is still going on normally.

The crisis headquarters, which was created immediately after the start of the eruption, prohibited anyone from approaching the volcano at a distance of closer than two kilometers. It also became known that four tourists on the slopes of the volcano managed to safely descend on their own, and 11 climbers who were on the mountain itself had to be evacuated.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world – on the Canary Islands – a catastrophic volcanic eruption has been going on for a month. On the island of Palma, Cumbre Vieja woke up, it floods the surroundings with lava flows, the eruption is accompanied by tremors. Half of the island’s population has been evacuated.

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