New Zealand drops “covid zero” policy, admits plandemic can’t be stopped by chasing “cases” with endless restrictions, lockdowns

(Planet Today) The government of New Zealand has finally come to the realization that its “zero covid” policy – meaning society cannot return to normal until there are no more “positive” test results – is absolutely ridiculous.

To think that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will ever completely disappear is just lunacy, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is now admitting this as she throws in the towel on her previous plan.

After ratcheting up the tyranny to extreme levels and incurring massive backlash, Ardern now says that there is no way to completely eradicate all Chinese Germs from every crevice of the country.

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Australia recently admitted the same, following what the United States, Europe and most other countries outside of China have long acknowledged, even if some of them continue to tyrannize their populations with covid fascism.

“We’re transitioning from our current strategy into a new way of doing things,” Ardern told reporters in an announcement.

“With Delta, the return to zero is incredibly difficult, and our restrictions alone are not enough to achieve that quickly. In fact, for this outbreak, it’s clear that long periods of heavy restrictions have not gotten us to zero cases.”

Ardern went on to state that what she and her fellow Branch Covidians have been calling “a long tail” actually “feels more like a tentacle that has been incredibly hard to shake.”

After declaring covid to be “eradicated,” New Zealand blames resurgence on “Delta variant”

What does Ardern’s “new way of doing things” entail? For one, it involves easing lockdown restrictions in Auckland in a “cautious” way. It also involves abandoning the Chinese Virus policies that have been in place there for the past 18 months.

Time will tell if Ardern holds to her word, especially since she remains one of the most tyrannical dictators throughout this saga. Regardless, it is still expected that things will loosen up there like they already are in nearby Australia.

As you may recall, New Zealand was once touted as a covid “success” story. To this day, there have been only 27 deaths blamed on covid there, though “cases” have been picking up despite the government’s restrictions.

At one point, New Zealand had declared that covid was effectively eradicated throughout the country – that is until the mainstream media starting blabbing about the “Delta variant.”

Now, officials are blaming the Delta variant for covid’s alleged return to New Zealand, which serves as yet another example of a government gone bad having put its foot in its mouth.

Australia did much the same thing, imposing a war-like strategy of full-fledged fascism to supposedly beat the virus. It, too, is failing miserably because terrorizing the public with endless lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine aggression does nothing to stop disease.

“The people of New Zealand were openly defying the ‘orders’ of Princess Jacinda,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter, speculating as to why there has been a sudden change. “She had to save face and ‘allow’ what the people were already doing. There’s no way back to lockdowns. The armed forces are with the people.”

“It occurs to me that this whole game of characterizing people who are against mandatory vaccinations – and the vast erosion of personal liberty that entails – as, ‘anti-American’ or unpatriotic, is really something that should be met head on,” wrote another.

“I completely reject the notion that my being against getting injected with something against my will makes me a bad citizen. I am pro-American. Those who wish to violate my bodily sovereignty are anti-American.”

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