Mutually assured destruction between the U.S. and Russia is aimed at deterring aliens?

Mutually assured destruction between the U.S. and Russia is aimed at deterring aliens?
Today I came across a very interesting hypothesis on an American forum – why do the US and Russia (USSR) have so many nuclear weapons and constantly increase their nuclear arsenal? Both countries already have so many nuclear weapons that the entire earth can be destroyed several times over. Just split the entire planet into atoms several times. What is the point of that?

The thought is simple, but very sensible. There are many small nuclear powers in the world – Pakistan, North Korea and others who don’t have huge amounts of nuclear weapons, but they have enough to keep them out. So, why the hell does America and Russia keep building up their nuclear arsenal?

Read it, it’s interesting:

There seems to be a connection between military activity and the presence of UFOs. If the evidence provided by many eyewitnesses is true and can be believed, then these beings have a special interest in our nuclear weapons capabilities.

There are claims that they deactivate entire missile launchers, shoot down test missiles, and have recently shown interest in aircraft carrier groups. This behavior has probably occurred far more often than we will ever know, and quite possibly continues to this day.

According to official data, aircraft carrier strike groups, with some 10,000 warheads at sea, are not just a floating air force, but a deployable first-strike platform for nuclear attacks anywhere in the world.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons by the U.S. and Soviet Union proceeded at an exponential rate in the early and mid-1960s and peaked when both countries had more than 30,000 warheads. Each country had so many nuclear warheads that either power could be sure that if the other struck first, the retaliation would be swift and eventually destroy the aggressor.

It was believed that MAD, or mutually assured destruction as this proliferation strategy was called, would deter any reasonable adversary from using nuclear weapons because their use would be met with assured destruction in return. The cost of nuclear retaliation would be so high for both sides that there would be no winner. In a nuclear war, everyone would lose.

This brings me to my question. If the U.S. and the USSR were more or less rational players, why did both countries accumulate arsenals of over 30-40 thousand nuclear bombs and warheads?

Both countries really started making as many nukes as possible early in the space race and peaked around 1970, the year after we reached the moon. The MAD theory looks good on the surface. But why would two rational entities produce enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many, many times over? The theory of deterrence and mutually assured destruction can work with very few nukes, just look at India and Pakistan as examples.

What if we discover something sinister during Roswell? Or during a satellite launch the Russians picked up some mysterious but very threatening signals. Or maybe our leaders just had messengers come to our leaders and say something like, “We’re scouts, we’ve spotted all your radio signals, so the rest will arrive in 50+ years, get ready to join your planet to our domain or face enslavement and extinction” or something like that.

How will we be able to fight such a superior enemy? Someone who can travel through space would wipe out our planet’s army in a matter of hours. What if we knew that “resistance would be futile,” so the United States and the USSR devised another strategy that would prevent them from using our planet (assuming that true Earth-like planets, with the right molecules in the perfect ratio to support life, are extremely rare).

What if the United States and Russia mutually agreed to threaten them, or at least show them the huge number of nuclear bombs we have around the world. What if we didn’t threaten them with war and the destruction of their species. What if our intention was to destroy the entire planet if they invaded. Or at least graze like we did, destroying them and everything on the planet if they arrived en masse.

If both the USSR and the US launched all the missiles from their arsenals at targets around the globe, the explosions, radiation and fallout would destroy the Earth’s biosphere and make the planet uninhabitable for centuries.

Could this be what motivated the two great nations to deploy enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world dozens, if not hundreds, of times?

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