French medical professionals, academics denounce insanity of transgenderism

(Planet Today) For years, the “conservative” media told us that Europe is a left-wing cesspool and that the United States is the chosen land. It turns out that we were lied to.

When it comes to accepting the transgender mutilation of children, the U.S. has welcomed this abomination with open arms, while Europe is much more skeptical of, and even outspoken against, this heinous evil.

In France, of all places, doctors and academics are speaking out against the Cult of LGBTQ, warning that giving puberty blockers and irreversible genital mutilation surgeries to children is insane. Remember, France is the same place that Fox News accused of being full of wimps, hence all that talk about “freedom fries” a few years back.

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An open letter that contains the signatures of more than 50 medical professionals and prominent academics, including doctors, legal experts, educational experts, philosophers, sociologists, psychiatrists, judges and psychoanalysts from Europe absolutely eviscerates the LGBTQ agenda. It reads:

“We can no longer remain silent about what appears to us to be a serious drift committed in the name of the emancipation of the ‘transgender child’ (the one who declares that he was not born in the ‘right body’). Radical discourses legitimise requests for sex change on the basis of feelings alone, which are set up as the truth. But this is at the cost of lifelong medical or even surgical treatment (removal of breasts or testicles) on the bodies of children or adolescents. It is this phenomenon and its high media profile that concerns us, not the choices of transgender adults.”

This same letter goes on to state unequivocally that the only reason some children believe they are in the wrong body is because someone else other than their parents is goading them with bad advice, “and this is happening at an increasingly young age.”

LGBTs that coax children into transgenderism are “abducting” the lives of innocents

These professionals warn that what is happening in some neighboring countries, mainly the United Kingdom, could come to France if a strong force of opposition is not levied against it, and quickly.

Compared to 10 years ago, the number of children seeking sex changes in Paris has skyrocketed from about 10 per year to 10 per month. This, the letter’s signatories say, is a “worrying acceleration in medical responses to these transitional requests.”

“This phenomenon, the ‘transgender child,’ is in reality a contemporary mystification that must be vigorously denounced because it is a matter of ideological embrigadement,” the letter further reads.

“They would have us believe that, in the name of the well-being and freedom of each individual, a child, freed from the agreement of its ‘reactionary’ parents, would be able to ‘choose’ its so-called gendered identity.”

LGBTQs that set out to manipulate and recruit children into transgenderism are engaging in child abductions, the letter warns. What we are witnessing is brain-damaged LGBTQ cultists commodifying children’s bodies to push their own selfish, evil agenda – and many people are not only turning a blind eye to it but also supporting it.

“We denounce this abduction of childhood,” the letter says. “It is now urgent to inform as many citizens as possible, of all professions, of all sides, of all ages, about what could well appear tomorrow as one of the greatest health and ethical scandals, which we would have watched happen without saying a word: the commodification of children’s bodies.”

“For by persuading these children that they have been ‘assigned’ a sex at birth, and that they can freely change it, they are made lifelong patients: lifelong consumers of hormonal chemicals marketed by pharmaceutical companies, recurrent consumers of ever more surgical operations in the pursuit of the chimerical dream of a fantasy body.”

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