Federal Prosecutor Bombshell: Alec Baldwin Could Face Prison for Manslaughter

Trump-hating actor Alec Baldwin could face a prison sentence for shooting dead the wife of a Clinton-connected lawyer on the set of his new film ‘Rust’ last Thursday.

According to reports, Baldwin “unknowingly fired a live round, hitting 42-year-old Halyana Hutchins in the chest and killing her. Director Joel Souza, 48, who was standing behind her, was also injured.”

New Mexico criminal attorney Erlinda Johnson, a former state and federal prosecutor, said Baldwin could face criminal liability for involuntary manslaughter.

“All the state needs to demonstrate is that he was engaged in a lawful, but dangerous act and did not act with due caution,” Johnson said.

“That’s what the state has to prove for involuntary manslaughter, which is a fourth-degree felony with a maximum penalty of up to 18 months in prison.”

As Planet Today reported, the Hollywood assistant who handed Alec Baldwin a loaded gun that led to the fatal shooting of Hutchins also worked on the sequel to The Crow – the movie where Brandon Lee was “accidentally” shot dead.

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