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(Planet Today) Texas-based physician Dr. Stella Immanuel says that the book of Revelation is playing out in the real world. She puts forward this claim during a recent episode of her program “The Dr. Stella Immanuel Show” on Brighteon.TV. According to the doctor, elements in the New Testament’s final book mirror some aspects of the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

(Article by Ramon Tomey republished from NaturalNews.com)

“We are all [going to] die. Every human being that comes into this world [knows] that. Nobody should be afraid if you die and go to heaven. If you know where you’re going, you should not be afraid of dying,” she says.

Immanuel continues: “We’re in a position right now where a lot of things are happening. People are sick … [and some] are alive and doing well. Some people have been vaccinated, [while] others have not been vaccinated.” Despite this, she notes that many are afraid because they do not know what is going to happen, especially now that the winter season is nearing.

“A lot of people right now are afraid to die. Well, you’re talking about a lot of people dying in the hospitals. This is the first world [and] that’s not true, they’re not dying in the hospitals. People are dying, but it’s not the way the media makes it sound [like],” Immanuel says.

She also mentions the role of doctors like her in addressing other health issues that arise due to COVID-19. Immanuel explains: “We also want to make sure that people don’t have comorbidities and side effects from the disease. Part of medicine is not just about whether you live or your die. Most of the things that we do in medicine is to alleviate pain. We’re also preventing them from dying, especially for people with all kinds of disease situations going on in their lives.”

The book of Revelation has parallels with the pandemic

Immanuel then proceeds to connect the book of Revelation to the current situation. “When you start looking at the Word of God right now and compare it to what we’re seeing in science, in medicine, in media and everything – it’s just like you’re reading Revelation. Revelation is playing out right in front of us,” she says.

She then reads the passage in the book of Revelation concerning the second beast coming from the earth (Revelation 13:11-18). The physician gives emphasis on the verses mentioning the beast’s ability to “give breath to the image of the first beast” and the image’s ability to “cause all who refuse to worship [it] to be killed.”

“If you read it here, it shows that the devil has the right and the ability to give life to an image. So if they clone somebody, the devil has that ability to ‘give breath’ to that image, make it talk and cause all of us to take the mark of the beast,” Immanuel says. According to Immanuel, the COVID-19 vaccines are the prophetic mark of the beast referred to in the book.

She elaborates: “The Bible is saying that these images of the beast look like me and you, but they are not human. They are going to cause all the people that would not worship the beast or its image to be killed. They’re going to cause those that did not take the mark to be killed, and then of course – those who have not taken the vaccines will be killed.” (Related: Dr. Stella Immanuel reveals globalist cabal’s evil plan for humanity – Brighteon.TV.)

Immanuel also explains verse 15, saying that people commonly misinterpret this as being killed with firearms. She points out: “Right now, they are really killing people by withholding treatment from them. They are not shooting sick people with a gun, but people are getting killed.”

The doctor adds that patients with COVID-19 are killed through intubation and administration of the antiviral drug remdesivir, which causes kidney failure.

She points out that both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans are dying as a result of hospital protocols that do more harm than good. “People are dying in hospitals because they do not take the vaccine, [and] people are [also] dying in hospitals after they took the vaccine,” Immanuel says. (Related: Are covid vaccines part of the mark of the beast system?)

The complete episode of this edition of “The Dr. Stella Immanuel Show” can be found here. “The Dr. Stella Immanuel Show” airs every Wednesday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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