Corporate-controlled media attacks Merck’s ivermectin rip-off drug for competing against the almighty “vaccines”

(Planet Today) There is a serious problem with the Cult of the Vaccine in this country, which is directly interfering with the ability of people to access anything other than pharmaceutical injections when it comes to protecting their health.

In the case of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), the mainstream media is now fighting against Merck & Co., which is trying to release a rip-off of ivermectin that supposedly works as an early treatment remedy for those who develop symptoms.

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While initially supportive of the drug, the corporate-controlled media machine has suddenly changed its tune and is now trying to steer the public away from anything other than the Chinese Virus injections.

National Geographic early on quoted a Yale University scientist who said that “having a pill that would be easy for people to take at home would be terrific” – you know, something like ivermectin.

That piece went on to talk about how an easy-to-take pill would be a great addition to the plandemic arsenal, especially since “the shots aren’t 100% effective in protecting people from getting infected with the COVID-19 virus.”

TIME and Vox both published similar pieces that were welcoming of a pill option, indicating that one would “help compensate for persistent gaps in Covid-19 vaccination coverage.”

They don’t want you healthy; they want you “vaccinated”

It did not take very long for the same media machine to start churning out articles saying the exact opposite, though. Within a matter of a day, says Matt Taibbi of TK News, some of them were already retracing their steps with a Yeah, but caveat to the drug pill option.

“A pill that could potentially treat Covid-19 is a ‘game-changer,’ but experts are emphasizing that it’s not an alternative to vaccinations,” reported CNN.

“Health officials said the drug could provide an effective way to treat Covid-19, but stressed that vaccines remained the best tool,” was the new approach of The New York Times.

These are just two examples among many of how the talking-heads suddenly started flapping in tandem about how any pill option for Chinese Germs has to take a back seat to the jabs, which are the number-one most important thing, they say, for staying “safe” and “protected.”

Marketwatch came out with a headline that declared, “It’s not a magic pill,” referring to Merck’s new ivermectin rip-off drug. Mind you, this article came out before anything was even known about the drug, as it is not even out of clinical trials yet.

While we are certainly not advocates of any ivermectin bootleg drugs, seeing as how ivermectin works just fine, it is painfully obvious that the mainstream media has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Cult of the Vaccines, which represents a large swath of Big Pharma.

Merck is part of that cartel, of course, but its attempt at making a vaccine for the Chinese Virus early on failed. Now, the company is trying to compete with a new pill, which other elements of the cartel do not want to see come to market because it threatens their vaccine cash cow.

“This is a very weird and ominous time,” wrote one commenter on Taibbi’s blog. “Otherwise smart, accomplished people who buy all of these lies and manipulation without even stopping to question. Even a little bit! Where is their skepticism?”

“It’s like they are little androids who just downloaded a new update and have no independent thinking ability at all!” this same person wrote, echoing how many of us feel in this creepy “new normal.”

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