CAUGHT: Boston Bombing SCRIPTED ACTOR turns out to be CNN’s favorite so-called Covid “expert” Dr. Leana Wen (opinion)

(Planet Today) (Op-Ed) Acting involves the ability to enter into another character, memorize lines, show confidence while the camera is rolling, and use dramatic “techniques” to engage with an audience. Recall back in April of 2013, when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred, crisis actor videos went viral, and the acting of many players was so bad that many Americans began questioning if the news media were lying, just as a government-run litmus test for martial law in the suburbs of Boston was being rolled out. Guess who was there, lying through her teeth, in her debut acting performance? None other than CNN’s favorite actress, talking head and scamdemic promoter, Dr. Leana Wen.

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After the Boston Bombing, television news went to town, pushing fear of a domestic terrorist attack that would require military brigades to roll through Boston suburbs, enter people’s homes without warrants, and search for two dudes who supposedly made a pressure cooker bomb and set it off near the marathon’s finish line. America’s FBI were all over it. Emotions ran high as fake newscasters hyped up what really happened in order to broadcast mass hysteria.

Watch one of the worst crisis actors ever get her first “15 seconds” in the limelight, preparing her for eight years later when she would push the covid plandemic on the Counterfeit News Network. Here’s the crisis actor on the scene just after the infamous Boston Marathon Bombing:

Dr. Leana Wen was a crisis actor then, and she’s a crisis actor now, regardless of medical training

Dr. Wen loves to stare into a camera and lie. There are plenty of pharmaceutical corporations that pay big bucks for “doctors” who will spread their propaganda that pushes harmful drugs and deadly vaccines. After the Boston Bombing event, Wen was finally ‘on stage’ auditioning for her future job at CNN.

Wen was an emergency room physician at the time, but was obviously almost ready for television. She remained calm and read the script, the narrative for the cameras and the millions of Americans who were getting ready to surrender their constitutional rights in the name of domestic terrorism. Here’s actress Leana:

“We had no idea what was coming, it was 3 o’clock and we heard that there were two explosions, but we didn’t know where, we had no idea how many people were coming to us.” Then the unexpected question came from the reporter, “How many people came?” Leana the TV amateur was caught off guard. This wasn’t in the script. She shook her head twice, and came off the hip with a really contrived answer, “It seemed like dozens, and it was, it was probably nearly three dozen patients, in … two hours or so.” So it seemed like it and it was? Did someone confirm the number while she was making it up?

Wen is so happy to be on television as a crisis actor for the Boston Bombing that she can’t contain her happiness and excitement

Remember, the year of the Boston Bombing was 2013, yet the reporter reminds Wen that … “Because of all the drills the hospitals here have now been running since 9/11, you were unbelievably prepared.” So the hospitals have been running ‘drills’ for twelve years and Dr. Wen was unbelievably prepared for the 3 dozen injured folks who came to her hospital within a two hour stretch. That’s the narrative. Are you buying it yet?

Wen then responds, “We had done drills, we knew what to do with each individual patient that came in.” Well, we sure hope so, you work at an emergency room, right? Yet, then, in the next sentence, she says they were unprepared. Wen elaborates, “… but I’ve never seen trauma like this before. The volume, and the nature of the trauma, was really chilling and really shocking,” as she shakes her head yes, yes, yes, like a bad used-car salesperson selling a lemon.

Now this used car salesperson wants to sell every American some dirty vaccines. Are you buying? She’s really emotional about it on CNN because she’s a medical tyrant who loves pushing propaganda and fear. Watch for script cues and lots of ad-libbing that’s not science-based or evidence-based in any way. Wen is the same freak who wants to limit all US travel to sheeple who bear vaccine passports. She obviously hates America but loves the camera with all of her heart.

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