Top 10 things to AVOID to achieve healthy immune function

(Planet Today) Most Americans are brainwashed into believing that the human body is born weak, stays weak and needs lots of lab-made medications and vaccines to continue functioning, year after year, from cradle to grave, but it’s all just one big fat lie. We see commercials for food, beverages, personal care products and medications almost everywhere we go, but unfortunately, the companies and corporations with the most money pay for those ads, and their products are leading more than 200 million people down a dark path that compromises immune system function, and sets up the human body for chronic dysfunction and early death.

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Do you know what to filter out of your daily intake to best promote healthy immune function? Most of the people around you do not, including certain family members, neighbors, relatives and coworkers. They won’t believe you because they haven’t seen, heard or read this in their newspaper, on their television or social media, or favorite mainstream pharma-funded websites.

How many of these “mistakes” are you making every day that actually do turn you into an immune-compromised human, because odds are you were not born that way. Do you think organic canola oil is okay to consume? Do you know it coagulates in your blood and causes inflammation, weight gain, memory loss? It’s true. Check that “all-u-care-to-eat” food bar and all those processed salads. If your blood is clogged from canola oil and toxic spike proteins, then you are limiting the flow of nutrients and oxygen in your body, fueling compromised immunity even more. What to do about it?

First off, if you see a product advertised on national television, it’s probably really bad for your health and immune system function, including disease “treatments.” Meat, bread and milk are not the foundation of a good food regimen. Conventional products that are often pathogen-laden cause chronic inflammation (and usually constipation) and those draw major red flags. So get to work on filtering out the major culprits, and the reward will be strong, long-lasting natural immunity.

Top 10 things to AVOID for healthy immune function

#1. Vaccines

#2. Medications

#3. GMOs

#4. Grains

#5. Processed sugars and artificial sweeteners

#6. Pasteurized and homogenized dairy

#7. Meat that’s adulterated with antibiotics, hormones, bleach, ammonia and artificial colorings

#8. Unhealthy fats, including canola oil, soy oil and corn oil

#9. Processed food

#10. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments

GMOs lower immune system function by destroying good gut flora

Genetically modified organisms in crops and produce are designed to kill bugs and weeds to save money for big corporations, but at the expense of human health. These mutated DNA-warped instructions create pesticides inside the crops, so you cannot wash it clean. These pesticides continue working in your gut, destroying the “biological seat” of immunity, by decimating good gut flora.

Alterations from GMO foods can cause (immune system) malfunction of regulation, which leads to autoimmune disorders. Then come the Covid vaccines, like nails in a coffin, where billions of sticky protein prions turn human blood into a gelatin-like substance that slowly clogs and clots, clogs and clots.

Americans go round and round all day (and night), eating cheese, gluten, sugar, salt. It’s a vicious cycle that “requires” medication for all the inflammation, lack of nutrition and compromised immune function. It’s the allopathic way, but there’s a solution, and it’s a good one. It’s sustainable.

Meet Dr. John Bergman, a brilliant holistic doctor, researcher and teacher who has taken on some of the most challenging health cases ever and turned them into success stories. He explains how your immune system works and the major benefits of natural immunity, in terms we can all understand. Plus, his strategies for building it, protecting it and fostering it are easy to apply to daily life (plus he’s hilarious). Check it out.

Are you, or is someone you know suffering from SPS – Spike Protein Syndrome? Tune your truth news dial to for the best ways to keep your body healthy, your home safe, and your constitution protected.

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