See this week’s top interviews with Zach Vorhies, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Mark Grenon, Brad Harris and more

(Planet Today) All my interviews run first on Brighteon.TV, so be sure to check there for new interview content each day (along with dozens of other amazing hosts and guests). This past week, I posted interviews with Dr. Christiane Northrup, Zach Vorhies (the “Google whistleblower”), Mark Grenon (advocate for chlorine dioxide) and Brad Harris (Full Spectrum Survival).

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

These interviews will help keep you fully informed as America descends into a medical police state, complete with outrageous levels of medical censorship and media lies. Those who watch the mainstream media are misinformed, as the media is deliberately lying to people on a daily basis. But those who tune into alternative media are getting the truth like never before:

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Brad Harris from Full Spectrum Survival discusses pointers for affordable prepping and survival for those who don’t have a ton of excess cash:

Dr. Christiane Northrup joins me to cover spirituality, mass obedience and why so many “new age” thinkers are failing to address the reality of the current situation:

Mark Grenon joins me from a prison in Bogota, Colombia, where he has been held captive by orders of the FDA (via the US State Dept) for daring to promote chlorine dioxide as a treatment:

Zach Vorhies, the “Google whistleblower,” offers an urgent warning for humanity, revealing how Google plans to decimate the human race and dominate everything. ‘Whatever you think Google is doing,” Zach told me during the interview, “it’s far worse.”

Also don’t miss my interview with Alex Jones when I joined him this week as a guest on InfoWars:

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You can also use alternative social media services such as Gab, GETTR, Parlor, etc. It’s best to get off the mainstream tech sites and move to the free ecosystems anyway, where the truth isn’t banned.

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