Refusing COVID vaccines is costing people their jobs, kids, life-saving medical treatments

(Planet Today) At first, it seemed like people in some parts of the world, America included, might actually have a choice when it came to the COVID-19 vaccine. Although many of us feared that mandates would eventually be imposed, the worst thing that happened to those who didn’t get the vaccine initially was being ridiculed by leftist politicians and celebrities on social media. It was a small price to pay, many felt, for exercising their health freedom and avoiding the dangerous side effects of these vaccines.

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But now, it’s a far different story. Americans are still technically free to decline the jab, but they may have to give up a lot to practice that right – including their jobs, kids and even their lives.

No jab, no job

Workplace vaccine mandates have been coming from every corner lately, affecting hospital workers, airline workers, retail workers and many other industries. Big names like Kaiser Permanente, Walmart and Disney are all requiring at least some segments of their employee population to be vaccinated.

Some are even throwing in some cash in an attempt to sweeten the deal, as though people who are scared of dying from the vaccine could be swayed to gamble with their lives for $100. Some experts say health insurance discounts are coming for those who get jabbed; companies like Delta Air Lines are already raising health insurance premiums for unvaccinated workers by $200 per month in addition to the workers shouldering the cost of required weekly COVID-19 tests. And it’s all about to get much worse thanks to the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer vaccine, which gives such mandates more legal weight.

Some unvaccinated parents can’t see their kids

For those whose employers are being more reasonable about this and the self-employed, American society has found another way to bully people into getting vaccines: the prospect of losing their children.

Some people are being ordered to get a COVID-19 vaccine in order to see their kids. This was illustrated by a recent case in Texas, where a couple going through a divorce was ordered by a judge to get the vaccine. Chris Staley said that the vaccine was listed as one of the judge’s requirements for him to be allowed visitation with his kids, even though none of them have underlying health issues. His lawyer told him he should get the vaccine to avoid upsetting the judge; the attorney later withdrew from the case.

In another case, a Chicago judge barred a woman from seeing her 11-year-old son under partial parental custody simply because she has not been vaccinated for COVID-19. The woman, who said her doctor advised against the vaccine because of past adverse vaccine reactions, was surprised as the hearing was meant to be about child support and expenses. In addition, her ex-husband had not raised her lack of vaccination as a concern. Apparently, the judge simply took it upon himself to impose this requirement.

Unvaccinated patients denied organ transplants

It may sound dramatic, but some people could pay for refusing the vaccine with their lives – the very lives they are trying to protect by not getting the jab. The University of Washington Medical Center recently refused a life-saving heart transplant for a 64-year-old patient because he wouldn’t get the vaccine. Given the link between these vaccines and heart problems and blood clots, it makes sense that a man on a waiting list for a heart transplant wouldn’t want to take a chance with it, but his doctors apparently don’t subscribe to the “do no harm” philosophy.

This isn’t an isolated incident; UMass Memorial Health Center denied a 37-year-old father of three a life-saving kidney transplant from his own wife because he hadn’t been vaccinated.

What does it say about these vaccines that people essentially have to be threatened with losing something precious to them in order to be willing to get jabbed?

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