NO QUALITY CONTROL: Three lots of Moderna’s covid “vaccine” pulled from Japan for stainless steel contamination

(Planet Today) Several more lots of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” from Moderna have been recalled in Japan after authorities there identified the presence of stainless steel inside the vials.

The particulates were identified not long after Japanese officials found other contaminants, including strange “black substances,” inside several other batches of Moderna jabs, prompting the government to take action.

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Numerous prefectures have stopped administering the Moderna jab altogether while others are trying to root out just those vaccine lots that are believed to contain contamination.

Incredibly, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Moderna’s Japanese pharmaceutical partner, issued a statement claiming that because stainless steel is routinely used in heart valves, joint replacements, and metal sutures and staples that it is no big deal for vaccines to contain metal particulate contamination.

“As such,” the company said, “it is not expected that injection of the particles identified in these lots in Japan would result in increased medical risk.”

Even so, Moderna has indicated that Takeda will be recalling three identified lots of vaccine that are known to be contaminated with stainless steel.

Japan says four contaminated lots of Moderna vaccine were identified in less than a week

Rovi, the Spanish company that manufactures Moderna vaccines for the Japanese market, now faces an investigation and regulatory probe over the contamination.

Takeda says that the contamination was likely caused by “friction” within the metal instrument that put stoppers on the vials, which is made from grade-316 stainless steel, it was confirmed.

Rovi says it has since taken “preventative measures” to ensure that such contamination does not happen again. There is no way to know, meanwhile, how many people already received a contaminated injection prior to the discovery.

This marks the fourth time in less than a week that Moderna vaccines have been identified as being contaminated with foreign matter.

As for the Moderna injections being administered elsewhere, including in the United States, there is still no word as of yet about possible contamination.

We know that many Americans and Europeans who received the Moderna jab later became magnetic, so perhaps the American market is also being affected by this contamination.

We do not expect American authorities to take any action, though. The U.S. government is not at all concerned about public safety and will continue to inject toxic shots contaminated with metal and who knows what else just so long as Big Pharma’s stock prices continue to rise.

This is the difference between places like Japan, which still has a somewhat representative government, and America, which is ruled by nothing but greed. American lives do not matter to the American government, which seems to want to terminate as many of them as possible.

“Sheesh. What else do you think they’re going to make the nanobots out of that are running around your body controlling your brain making you into a compliant sheep?” asked one RT commenter jokingly. “‘Please, mommy government, I need another jab!'”

“The Japanese are on the ball, but how many Americans have been injected with stainless steel and other contaminants?” asked another. “J&J’s vaccine practically got shut down over similar manufacturing problems at their Baltimore plant.”

Yet another pointed out that injecting stainless steel particulates into muscle tissue is not the same thing as strategically placing stainless steel parts for surgical purposes, which makes Takeda’s claim that stainless steel contamination is “safe” simply laughable.

“Stainless steel harmless while being pumped around your vascular system? I don’t think so!” another commenter rightfully pointed out about the contaminated Moderna vials.

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