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(Planet Today) Mark Grenon currently sits in a jail cell in the La Picota prison in Bogota, Colombia. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had Grenon, the head of the Florida-based Genesis II church, arrested for promoting chlorine dioxide as a lifesaving, affordable treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and other diseases.

Fortunately, Grenon has been able to maintain contact with the outside world, allowing him to talk about his plight.

In this new episode of the Health Ranger Report on Brighteon.TV, Mike Adams the Health Ranger is able to talk to Grenon, via prison phone, about why he’s become a medical-political prisoner as well as how the FDA and other authorities are trying to shut down the truth about COVID-19 and treatments to fight it.

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Watch the full episode below or on Brighteon.TV.

A medical-political prisoner of the FDA

Talking with Grenon, Adams has the preacher turned medical-political prisoner explain how and why he was arrested in the first place. Grenon explains how, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, he had started receiving multiple testimonies about the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide as a treatment for diseases, including COVID-19.

Adams explains that he himself also uses chlorine dioxide, taking it for things such as “sore throat or some fatigue.”

“But that’s just my own personal experience,” Adams adds. “I don’t sell it obviously and I don’t make claims.”

It’s the claims about chlorine dioxide that Grenon made that got him in trouble with the FDA. (Related: Chlorine dioxide to treat COVID? YES, says Dr. Manuel Aparicio.)

“The FDA would say that you’ve been making unproven claims about it that it could cure COVID or could cure cancer and so on, and that you don’t have the hard data to back that up,” Adams points out. “You may have, you know, anecdotal evidence, testimonials, let’s say, but you don’t have the hard evidence to back it up.

To this, Grenon points out that there are thousands of patents for chlorine dioxide, including some that are for medical use, as well as in food processing.

“Well, first of all, [there are] over 30,000 patents for chlorine dioxide, and some of them are medical use some of them, cancer, malaria, they use in food processing,” Grenon explains. “It’s been proven in clinical studies that physiologically it does no damage. It’s non-toxic to the human body, especially at the PPMs (parts per million) that we use.

Grenon then goes on to point out how chlorine dioxide isn’t the only potential treatment for COVID-19 that the FDA and the medical establishment have tried to crush. He brings up ivermectin, the anti-parasitic that has shown to have promise when it comes to treating the disease.

“The medical establishment is also trying to crush ivermectin, which is an FDA-approved prescription drug for humans, and they’re trying to crush that because it’s off-patent.”

Building the case for chlorine dioxide

Going back to chlorine dioxide, Grenon explains that many doctors outside the U.S. have actually been using it to treat COVID-19.

“There’s 5,000 doctors in 25 countries that have come forward that are exclusively using it for COVID,” he points out. “Bolivia has made it legal for COVID. Okay, so everything that we’ve stated is proven in clinical studies. They have nothing. ” 

“They have no evidence against us whatsoever that it does any damage to the human body, that it doesn’t work.”

Grenon also mentions that recent clinical studies have proved that chlorine dioxide cures diseases. Included in this was one study he and his church did in Uganda where it was shown to work against malaria, removing all trace of the parasite that causes the disease from a patient’s blood within four hours.

The study was even done with local Red Cross people. However, the international Red Cross has denied their claims, this was despite Grenon having video evidence of their work.

Despite this setback, Grenon has continued to fight for chlorine dioxide. This continued fight eventually led to the FDA going after him. In April, Grenon and three of his sons were indicted by a grand jury in Miami, leading to his incarceration in Bogota, where he awaits extradition alongside his sons Joseph. The two other sons, Jordan and Jonathan are in jail in Miami.

Should the medical establishment have its way, Grenon and his sons face lengthy jail sentences, all for trying to promote a possible alternative treatment for a deadly disease.

For more on Mark Grenon and the truth about COVID-19, watch the Health Ranger Report live, Mondays through Fridays at 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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