Huge crowds as Toronto police officers join rally for freedom against vaccine passports

(Planet Today) On Thursday September 2, in a show of “united non-compliance,” hundreds of police officers and citizens held a rally in front of Toronto Police Service Headquarters in downtown Toronto, to protest against vaccine passports and mandates.

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“Look at this crowd today,” Chris Sky – one of the de facto leaders in Canada’s opposition to dictatorial COVID measures – told the cheering crowd.

“We have the people, aligned with the police, against the draconian government, and what do we call that everybody?” Sky asked.

“United non-compliance!” the crowd replied.

“I told you all that the police would eventually have to draw a line in the sand, the police would eventually have to honor their oath to our constitution, their oath to themselves, the oath to their families, the oath to their country, and today is that day,” stated Sky.

“And when they stepped up to the plate for us, as you see, we stepped up to the plate for them!” he continued.

LifeSiteNews attended the rally and has exclusive photo and video coverage of the massive turnout of freedom fighting police officers and citizens.

“No experimental vaccines” reads one sign.

“Father God, we thank you for fighting our battles for us, amen” reads another.

In a display of faith, one of the rally members held a 5-6-foot-tall crucifix above the crowd, and many others displayed similarly sized crosses as icons of faith and hope for all those in attendance.

Talking about the government’s continued plan to dismantle the rights of Canadians, which includes Premier Doug Ford’s installation of a vaccine passport system in Ontario, Sky outlined the timeline of events from his perspective, referencing public statements he has made.

“[18-months ago] the mere words ‘vaccine passport’ made me a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’,” said Sky.

“Now that it’s here, even six weeks ago [when] Doug Ford said we’re not gonna do a vaccine passport, I told you all that’s called ‘pacification followed by predictive programming’,” he added.

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