Hillary Clinton Trembles with Fear As Crowd Chant “War Criminal” During Ireland Visit

Hillary Clinton was left visibly shaken up during a visit to Queen’s University Belfast on Friday, where she was shouted down by an angry crowd.

Clinton was appointed the first female chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast in January 2020, but because of Covid restrictions, she couldn’t be formally inaugurated until recently.

As Hillary paraded herself through the grounds of the University, she was suddenly confronted by ordinary members of the public who began shouting: “war criminal!” at her.

In the video below, you can see Hillary shuffling up the steps of the building as the angry mob continue their chants.


“Northern Ireland has become a symbol of democracy’s power to transcend divisions and deliver peace, and we need that beacon of hope now more than ever,” Hillary said during the inauguration ceremony inside the building.

“But with hope comes responsibilities, the responsibility to be a citizen, to be willing to discuss and learn from people unlike yourselves,” she continued.

“To debate and compromise in search of common ground to participate in our shared institutions, to respect the rights, dignity and needs of all people, and to uphold the rule of law.”


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