Geothermal heat, internal climate responsible for Antarctica ice melting – not man-made climate change

(Planet Today) Researchers say that geothermal heat flow, not man-made climate change, is responsible for the melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). Meanwhile, another study has revealed that differences in the region’s internal climate are also contributing to ice loss in the area.

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It’s worth noting that so-called climate change scientists have used the melting of the WAIS as evidence of anthropogenic climate disruption. The continent has retreated across the seafloor between 2010 and 2016, with 565 square miles of underwater ice melting. According to these so-called scientists, ocean warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is the main reason behind this phenomenon. But the same so-called scientists also forget to mention that Antarctica is a volcanic and geothermic continent to begin with.

Given that Antarctica is a volcanic and geothermic continent, the combination of geothermal activity and differing wind patterns may be the reason why the WAIS is melting.

Active subterranean volcano is melting WAIS glaciers

Scientists from the U.K. and the U.S. revealed the presence of an active subglacial volcano in the Pine Island Glacier, a remote glacier in the WAIS. The report, which was published in Nature Communications, was based on earlier studies on the presence of glacial ice melting in the region from potential volcanic activity. In particular, the team found high quantities of helium-3, an element found exclusively in the mantle.

“When you find helium-3, it’s like a fingerprint for volcanism,” explained lead author Brice Loose of the University of Rhode Island. We found that it is relatively abundant in the seawater at the Pine Island shelf.”

This volcanic heat source, Loose adds, may potentially be the reason for the rapid movement and melting of Pine Island Glacier — a major setback for claims that say anthropogenic atmospheric global warming is the primary driver for ice melting in the WAIS.

Another study, this time from the U.S. and Germany, revealed that the WAIS actually melted and retreated over 10,000 years ago and recovered to its full extent — without human intervention.

Given the findings presented by the two studies, it’s clear that the melting of the WAIS is caused by volcanic activity and geothermal heat flow.

Internal climate variables warm surface

In yet another study, scientists reported another finding that makes man-made climate change an implausible reason for ice melting in the WAIS. According to the report, which was published in Nature Geoscience, changing wind patterns, in particular, eastward winds are sending warmer water to Antarctica, contributing to the melting of the WAIS.

The team noted that these “wind anomalies” bring warm waters from the Circumpolar Deep Water onto the WAIS continental shelf, which increases the melting process.

“No anthropogenic influence on this process has been established,” the researchers noted in their report.

The finding is enough to link internal wind patterns and climate to the melting of the ice in the region. The researchers, however, were quick to point out — probably so they don’t anger the so-called climate change experts — that these wind anomalies were caused by humans. In a statement, the team noted that a “combination” of human activity and natural climate change variations was responsible for ice loss in the WAIS.

“Strong internal climate variability, primarily linked to the tropical Pacific, is superimposed on this forced trend,” said the researchers.

Despite these findings, so-called climate change experts still insist that man-made climate change — highly controversial and heavily politicized — and not natural geothermal activity — is the primary source of ice melting in the WAIS.

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