Fully vaccinated Nebraska man with sore shoulder died in ER from multi-organ inflammation

(Planet Today) A 57-year-old “fully vaccinated” man from Nebraska who, based on photos, was overweight has died from an “asymptomatic Covid-19 infection,” according to the mainstream media.

Mark McConnaughey reportedly suffered a shoulder injury that required emergency care, but all of the hospitals in Nebraska were “full” at the time. After 23 calls to different hospitals, McConnaughey was sent to nearby Iowa for treatment, where he ultimately died.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

Media headlines make it sound as though all Nebraska hospitals are full because of sick “unvaccinated” people taking up all the beds. Local ABC News affiliate KETV in Omaha is one such news outlet that failed to clarify in its headline that the opposite is more than likely true.

Like McConnaughey, there are likely many other “fully vaccinated” Nebraskans who are now occupying ICU beds, leaving no room for anybody else to receive care. Consequently, anyone who gets sick from a non-vaccine injury might not get admitted to the emergency room.

In McConnaughey’s case, the man developed a “severe shoulder injury” after getting injected that only “got worse.” After being transferred to Des Moines, doctors there decided that McConnaughey had an “asymptomatic Covid-19 infection.”

“That triggered an inflammatory response through his body that caused multi-organ failure,” declared Dr. Mike Zaruba, a supposedly “long-time friend” of McConnaughey and board-certified physician.

“At best count, we called 23 different hospitals,” Zaruba says about how he tried to find McConnaughey an ICU bed in Nebraska but was unsuccessful.

McConnaughey was never even tested for covid

Just 18 hours after McConnaughey was transferred to Iowa, he died from his vaccine injuries, though Zaruba and the media failed to connect the dots as to the true cause of his death.

Instead, Zaruba blamed full hospitals for McConnaughey’s death, suggesting that he might have lived despite getting a Fauci Flu shot if only a local Nebraska hospital had an opening for him.

“I, never as a physician, thought we’d be transferring our patients out of state,” Zaruba complained. “That we wouldn’t be able to take care of our own Nebraskans.”

“But I can tell you it didn’t help the situation,” he added. “That I know 100 percent.”

It is important to clarify that McConnaughey was never actually tested for the Chinese Virus. Instead, Zaruba simply declared that he had “asymptomatic covid,” which supposedly resulted in rapid death.

No mention was ever made about the likelihood of McConnaughey dying from his Fauci Flu shots. This would go against the plandemic narrative, which means it is not allowed to be said or even suggested by the corporate media.

In the days following McConnaughey’s death, Nebraska hospitals supposedly started limiting access to certain non-emergency surgeries. The state is also reopening a hospital patient transfer center that it says will help to find more available beds while better managing hospital capacity issues.

“These cases have been wake-up calls to take more direct movement to take pressure off our hospitals,” Zaruba is quoted as saying.

Zaruba’s advice? Get injected with a Wuhan Flu shot and always wear your mask. This, he says, will “cure” the plandemic and ensure that overweight, “fully vaccinated” people like McConnaughey always have access to a hospital bed once their vaccine-induced injuries finally set in.

“I am not a big believer in mandates, but I am a big believer in doing what’s right,” Zaruba says.

“Help our hospital systems, help our nurses, help our staff so we don’t have to call 23 hospitals when it’s your loved one that’s in the ER that we’re trying to find a bed for.”

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