Former police chief: It’s becoming clear that Biden and Democrats intentionally want to destroy the United States

(Planet Today) Hey, but at least we don’t have to deal with anymore mean tweets, right? What we are dealing with is a systematic dismantling of our country, one reckless move at a time. If one didn’t know better, you would almost think it was deliberate.

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Not so long ago, our hopeless, weak “leader” pronounced to the world that “America is back.” Weeks later, we are turning tail and running out of Afghanistan, leaving not only Afghan allies behind but also some Americans.

Our hasty ill-conceived retreat last week cost thirteen brave American heroes their lives, along with countless Afghans.

Town Hall reports that last week on Dan Bongino’s syndicated radio show, a guest asked a question—if Biden (and the Democrats for that matter) set out to intentionally destroy the United States of America, would they do anything different than what we have been subjected to over the past seven months?

The evidence is staggering.

Let’s cite some examples, courtesy of Town Hall, of how to destroy America. Every single one has been carried out by the Biden administration and Congress:

Open the southern border to any and all

Under President Trump, the US-Mexico border was virtually sealed, not perfect but nonetheless nearly completely closed.

The border wall was well underway and illegal immigration had been cut to near record-low levels. One of the first things Biden did was halt construction of the border wall, and overturn all of Trump’s border policies.

That resulted in opening the border to record numbers of illegals, including MS13 gang members, drug cartels, human traffickers and more concerning, the ability of potential terrorists from around the world to enter unabated.

And, while Americans are slammed with mask mandates and the threat of forced COVID vaccinations, COVID-positive aliens have been welcomed and scattered throughout the country. Fortunately in a rare moment of courage, the Supreme Court ruled Biden has to reimplement the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico program.”

Do everything you can to end energy independence

On January 19, 2021, the United States was energy independent, no longer relying on Middle East oil cartels and oligarchs under the title of OPEC to control the flow of energy.

Again one of Biden’s first actions was to halt construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, directly putting over ten-thousand people out of work and affecting countless others who relied on the pipeline workers for their livelihoods.

Biden also halted drilling on federal lands, and once again got the U.S. engaged in the Paris Climate Accord, which unfairly punishes the U.S. while letting China and India, two of the world’s biggest polluters, off the hook.

He has also promised that all new cars sold in the United States in 2030 will have to be electric, without anywhere near sufficient infrastructure in place for such a scheme, including the capacity to generate the electricity for such a scheme.

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