Fauci says if you are concerned about Covid vaccine blood clots, heart attacks and deaths, you’re most likely an insurrectionist who hates authority

(Planet Today) Recalcitrant means having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward discipline or authority. Anthony Fauci claims the only reason 70 million Americans are NOT getting Covid vaccinated is that we’re all a bunch of recalcitrant, political dissidents who don’t respect authority. What he forgets to mention are the now common side effects from the Covid vaccines, namely deadly blood clots, loss of specific motor functions and myocarditis. Almost everyone already knows someone who is currently suffering from SPS – Spike Protein Syndrome.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

Can’t walk right anymore since that second Covid shot? You’ve got Spike Protein Syndrome. Got horrible shooting pains up your spine or down your legs all of a sudden, just days after getting the China Flu jab? You’ve got Spike Protein Syndrome. Your entire vascular system, immune system and central nervous system are all in a state of shock, wondering what to do with those billions of toxic spike proteins. So now, Anthony “Fraudulent” Fauci has some advice for the healthy: Get vaccinated or become classified as an enemy of the state.

Anthony Fauci spreads propaganda daily in favor of turning America into a communist medical police state forever

So now the “enemy of the state” is anyone who won’t take clot shots regularly that supposedly stave off a bad case of the China Flu that was designed using Fauci-directed funding. So now the natural health advocates, some of the healthiest folks on Planet Earth, are being called extremists and recalcitrant rebels because we know how to take care of our immune systems with clean food and clean medicine? People are dying by the thousands from the Covid jabs. Any more questions?

Listen to the propaganda king just make stuff up, without any scientific backing, statistics, research, clinical studies – nothing. Just talk, like a bad talk show host who loves his dirty vaccines so much he can’t help but call everyone Trump-loving terrorists who won’t accept them. This isn’t medicine. This is politics. Question: If Fauci releases MERS next, will he go to prison for treason or mass murder? Stay tuned to find out.

Fauci: “We have a really unfortunate situation, that we have a pretty hard core group of people that, we’re trying to persuade them, or mandate them if they’re not persuaded.” (as he chuckles like the little evil scientists from the movie “The Burbs” with Tom Hanks). What? This sounds like he’s one step away from “persuading” and “mandating” Covid concentration camps in America. Round up all the insurrectionists, right?

Here are the Fauci clones, little evil psychotic doctors (just like him) named the Klopeks, experimenting on humans in their basement in the movie “The Burbs”…

Are you worried about blood clots and strokes from the Covid vaccines? Then you don’t respect authority, and you require mandating after failed persuasion. He just makes things up. He claimed the Covid vaccines work perfectly fine against Delta. Really. So they’ve isolated Delta, tested everybody that got the clot shots who still caught Covid, and singled out that variant. Please, Tony, show us those studies.

According to Fauci, every American will be MANDATED to take the deadly Covid jabs after all “persuasion” attempts fail

Get ready to be held down on the ground in front of your house or apartment and force-vaccinated, at gunpoint (FEMA Covid SS “guards”), along with any children you may have, if Fauci gets his way with “mandating” vaccines after failing to persuade the final 70 million Americans who say no to Big Pharma stabs. Remember, non-compliance is considered ‘recalcitrant,’ which will soon be classified in Wikipedia and Google as someone who disrespects authority and is ‘terrorist by nature.’ “We have the tools to end this!” the quack scientist-on-TV bobble-head declares about his clot shots.

Suddenly, in America, if you don’t get your ‘flu shot’ then you’re a terrorist, a political enemy to the country, who puts everyone at risk at all times. No unvaccinated person is human any longer in America, according to Fauci, as we are lepers and domestic threats. He believes we should no longer be allowed to travel by plane or train or bus. No more dining out. No more in-school education for your children. The flu never goes away. Not the China Flu. It’s permanent, according to Fauci, even though the healthy Americans don’t die from it (or even really catch a bad case of it, for that matter).

Natural immunity is much stronger than any spike-protein injection on the market. Don’t take chances with your life because a vaccine ‘expert’ on TV says the flu is forever, while pushing the quarterly vaccines for it.

Tune your truth news dial to Pandemic.news for updates on the war against dirty vaccines and communism, and how to keep your family happy, healthy and safe.

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