Failed “commander-in-chief” Biden says U.S. troops who refuse COVID-19 vax should be dishonorably discharged

(Planet Today) Joe Biden should not be sitting in the Oval Office because Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election; he was ‘installed’ (as in a coup) in the White House by a deep state that literally stole President Donald Trump’s reelection victory.

But another reason why Biden should not be president is because everything he does is so very unpresidential, and that is especially true when it comes to the U.S. military.

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After America fought in Afghanistan for 20 years, and after Biden had months to plan a safe, orderly withdrawal from the country, he blew it — and allowed 13 American service personnel to be blown up in the process. Not only that, Biden the “commander-in-chief” also broke another cardinal rule: He left Americans behind in Afghanistan, as well as perhaps thousands of Afghani allies who helped us all those years.

Those two things alone are grounds for impeachment, and if the Democrat Party was an ‘America first’ party, that would have already happened. But they’re not; they are a “Marxist revolution first” party, and Biden is their figurehead president whose mission is, in part, to dismantle the once-proud and powerful U.S. military by purging it of Trump-loving America First patriots.

And of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is being exploited, again, to that end, as the Daily Mail reports:

The White House said Tuesday it ‘strongly opposes’ a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that prohibits the Pentagon from punishing or dishonorably discharging any service member who refuses a vaccine.

The Pentagon ordered all service members to get vaccinated last month and didn’t rule out court martialing those who don’t.

More than 800,000 service members out of around 1.4 million still needed to get their shots at the time of the mandate, according to Pentagon data.

“The Administration strongly opposes section 716, which would detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline when a Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination,” said the White House Office of Management and Budget in a statement on the annual defense budget.

“To enable a uniformed force to fight with discipline, commanders must have the ability to give orders and take appropriate disciplinary measures,” the statement added.

And of course, that is what today’s Marxist Democrat Party is about, giving orders — authoritarianism — especially when it comes to this particular vaccine.

Republicans, by comparison, continue to revere not only the Constitution but the military as a force to defend the country, not as a political tool to be wielded by an administration replete with people whose loyalty to our country is suspect to begin with.

That includes Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee, who proposed an amendment to the defense spending bill that bans “any discharge but honorable” for service members refusing the vaccine, including those who refuse to get a vaccine that was still experimental about 10 minutes ago.

“I am appalled that the Biden Administration is trying to remove my amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that prevents anything but an honorable discharge for service members who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine,” Green told the Daily Mail. “This was a bipartisan amendment — every Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee agreed to it.”

The provision, Section 716, says “many Americans have reservations about taking a vaccine that has only been available for less than a year.”

Earlier this month, Green said, “No American who raises their hand to serve our Nation should be punished for making a highly personal medical decision.”

Other Republican lawmakers agree.

“Our readiness, our ability to take on the enemy is being undermined by forcing young people, people who are perfectly healthy, perfectly able to fend off Covid, and are required to have the vaccine,” Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado told the publication.

Democrats hate the military anyway because it is full of Trump-supporting patriots; that is what Biden’s opposition to an honorable discharge for opposing this vaccine is really about.

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