FACT CHECK: At least HALF of all “covid hospitalizations” are just meaningless asymptomatic “cases”

(Planet Today) The media is constantly railing on about the latest “surge” in new “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that supposedly require hospitalization. Well, do not believe it because a new study found that at least half of all so-called “covid hospitalizations” are completely fake.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

Researchers discovered that about 50 percent of them are just asymptomatic “positive” test results that the establishment has repackaged as “hospitalizations” for the purpose of pushing the latest plandemic agenda item.

At the current time, the push is on to coerce as many people as possible to roll up their sleeves for an “Operation Warp Speed” injection, so naturally it is in the medical deep state’s best interests to try to scare the public with made-up nonsense about “hospitalizations.”

None other than The Atlantic, of all places, blew the lid on the study, which debunks an earlier claim made by The Atlantic that covid hospitalization data is “the most reliable pandemic number.”

It turns out that this data is not so reliable after all as Chinese Virus numbers continue to be exposed as fraudulent. It is almost as if the Cult of Covidism has some kind of vested interest in padding the numbers amid waning vaccine compliance.

Covid is a cult that has left many with mental illnesses

For their study, researchers from Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical Center and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System looked at nearly 50,000 electronic medical records on covid hospital admissions.

The scientists looked at the nature of each hospitalization, how serious it was and various other factors. They also checked to see whether each patient admitted required any kind of supplemental oxygen or had a blood oxygen level below 94 percent.

Based on these data points, they determined that very few of these “covid hospitalizations” fell into the “severe” category. In fact, many of the admitted patients did not even show symptoms and probably just showed up there because a “positive” test result scared them into panicking.

This often happens when people are traumatized by the media or whomever into believing that they “have” something that could kill them, prompting them to respond in extreme fear.

Because the government continues to lie about Chinese Germs and all of its latest “variants,” some people are unfortunately buying in to the propaganda. At the first sign of a possible infection, in other words, these people are admitting themselves to the emergency room.

This hysterical, over-the-top response by the propagandized covid disciples is clogging up hospital systems and consuming all available beds, leaving none for those with real emergencies.

The mainstream media is largely to blame for this, as is the White House. Both of these institutions are lying to the public about delta bugs, miracle injections and other snake oil nonsense, which is causing some people to believe that they might be sick and require hospitalization.

Perhaps the safest and most effective remedy for covid is to simply turn off social media and the television and commit to no longer exposing yourself to the infective brainwashing they push.

Immunize yourself against the lies by combatting or refusing to listen to them – and warn others to protect themselves by doing the same. Mass media brainwashing is a major pandemic right now, and it is best to stay more than six feet away from anything broadcasting it for your own protection.

“Hospitals are incentivized to admit ‘covid’ patients and preferably get them into ICU and on ventilators to maximize revenues,” wrote one commenter at Zero Hedge about how the scam works.

“‘Patients’ don’t understand enough or care because ‘someone else is paying,’ so they are incentivized to take full advantage of the ‘care’ available to err on the side of caution.”

The latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) mass hysteria can be found at Twisted.news.

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