Boris Johnson pauses the idea of vaccine passports for Great Britain… but is likely to restart the effort soon

(Planet Today) There are no longer any plans to introduce a “vaccine passport” scheme for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in Great Britain, at least not this year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly scrapped all proposals for the time being amid widespread opposition to forced injections. Instead, the British government plans to focus on pushing “booster” shots for the Chinese Virus.

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According to the latest data, some 80 percent of people over the age of 16 in the United Kingdom are “fully vaccinated” with the first two available shots. Johnson will now be pushing these same folks to get a third, fourth, and however many additional “booster” shots become available.

Interestingly, but not at all surprising, is the fact that roughly 75 percent of all “covid” deaths in Great Britain are now occurring in the “fully vaccinated.” This would suggest that the jabs are not working as claimed.

Even in a country where getting injected for covid is perhaps less controversial than it is in the United States, the U.K. government clearly realizes that trying to create and enforce some kind of vaccine passport system is both impractical and likely impossible.

“The journey was never about ‘following the science,'” writes Simon Jenkins for The Guardian about the collapse of the false plandemic narrative being pushed by the likes of Johnson.

“It was following the politics by cherrypicking the science, as with the initial decision over herd immunity. First the cry was herd immunity, then it was test and trace, now it is vaccination. And it is vaccination that has given Johnson his window back to normality.”

Vaccine passports will likely be resurrected in the future

Johnson does still plan to try to police people’s eating habits with a communist China-style “social credit score” system.

As we reported, Johnson would like to reward those who eat more government-approved “food” while punishing those who go their own dietary way. Chances are there will eventually be a vaccine passport component added back on to this once society is eventually warmed up to the idea.

All that to say, Brits might want to keep their guard up in case Johnson decides to try to resurrect his vaccine passport scheme at some point in the future. Chances are he will once people think they are safe from it.

Governments all around the world, including here in the United States, would love for nothing more than to enslave the masses under total medical fascism – complete with mandatory vaccine passports in order to live.

Fake “president” Joe Biden is certainly moving the country in that direction, or at least his handlers and teleprompters are using him as the puppet for doing so. We must continue to fight if we hope to stop this onslaught.

“Uncle Joe won’t back away until we will,” wrote one commenter at Alex Berenson’s Substack.

“It’s hard to believe that the president [sic] actually said, ‘We need to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated workers,'” wrote another. “Wait, what? If the vax works, then the vaxxed have nothing to fear.”

“If the vax doesn’t work, then why are you trying to make everyone get it?” this same person added. “Somehow reality and common sense have left us. I’m starting to wonder if the anger directed toward the unvaxxed is due to the dawning realization that the vaxxed have submitted to a DNA / RNA experiment that has proven useless and they are somewhat understandably angry at those who did not submit.”

Many others echoed this sentiment, further pointing out the logical fallacies and other problems with the prevailing plandemic narrative.

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